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by Dectilon

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Original Thread: God gets punked out by greenery: Let's play Actraiser 2!


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Before you begin you might want to check out Bellmaker's LP of the original Actraiser

The PAL version box

The NTSC-version

And the japanese version...

Welcome to Actraiser 2, an action platformer for the SNES released in 1993 by Enix. It was made by Quintet who also made Soul Blazer and Terranigma.

You play as The Master, a benevolent, yet violent god who tangles endlessly with his great adversary, Tanzra.

Actraiser 2 is generally less liked than Actraiser because the town simulation segments were removed. It deserves flack for that, but not much else. It's an excellent, challenging and most of all fun platformer, which I hope I will be able to bring across in this LP.

I hope to make this LP more interactive than my last one. The viewers are invited to select which fire to put out, which plague to end; which demon to smite basically!

Here's a map of the world:

What follows are the in-game descriptions of each visitable location. The ones with a title in bold are combat zones. As more zones get unlocked they will be added to this list and to the map.

Ripped and torn, the slain body of Tanzra was returned to the Underworld. Feeding on the intense hated each held for the Master, 13 of Tanzra’s most feared and powerful demons joined together. With their combined power they raised the spirit of their mighty leader.
Tanzra, vowing revenge, released these demons on the world below...

Diligence: The people here used to work very hard to keep this land healthy. It was once famous for it’s beautiful forests and rivers. One day these people lost not only their desire to work but also to live. You may find answers to what has happened by exploring the town of Industen...

Industen: Master, a strange cloud seems to appear, followed by rainfall, and then disappear. Please try to locate the reason for this.

Benefic: Upstream of the Benefic river, this area seems to be infested with demons. Please cleanse the water by defeating the demons.

Tortoise Isle (with Blister): There appears to be a town riding atop a tortoise. The town Devote began to sink into the ocean causing people to evacuate. Even now the town of Devote is infested by demons. From the depths of the sea echoes a plea for help from those submerged. Master, please save them!

Altheria: This is a sub-marine castle were a queen once lived. The demon Jealousy conquered her. The flame of her jealousy still exists. If you wish to defeat this demon you must extinguish the flame of jealousy. Master, please go there and save this country!

Justiania: Justiania is famous for its army. The king,having been invaded by a demon, forced his army to attack Favorian. Day by day the number of victims increase! Master, let us go to Death Field and stop this war!

Favorian: This is the kingdom of Favorian. They are at war with Justiania to the east. Justiania is located to the northeast of here over the mountains in the desert. Master, let us go there.

Death's Field (with Syrg): This is Death Field. Justiania and Favorian are at war. The king of Justiania built a fort in the field from where he attacked Favorian. The king is being controlled by a demon. He has no heart. We should place him in a deep sleep before he does any more harm.

Almetha (with Bellmaker): The demon Fury has entered the volcano. It has started to erupt. If you don't defeat this demon we will have another king and war like Justiania. Master, the volcano has started to become more violent. Be careful!

Lovaous: This is Lovaous. After the demon defeated the king of this castle, the land was turned into ice. Since then the king has slept like a child. People have tried many different methods to wake him but they have all failed. Master, let us go to the palace.

Ice Palace (with Wolfshirt): Master, this is the Ice Palace. I feel a cold wind coming from here. It’s freezing! Master, please be careful!

Lust's Nightmare (with Raar): The demon Lust rules this land. He must be hiding in the king's mind. If the king still has faith in you the image of the demon will still be there. Master, let us enter the mind of the king!

Leon: This was not a rich country, but the people were honest and full of gratitude. A newly appointed king raised the taxes and forced people to pay. If they refused they were sent to the underground prison of Gratis. Master, please go easy to the underground prison and release the people!

Gratis (with AnacondaRifle): This is Gratis. People from Leon were sent here to be imprisoned. Master, this prison is like a maze! Please, be careful!

Stormrook (with Faceguy&Wogturt): This is Stormrook. This castle is full of gold. I sense there are many demons inside. I wonder what happened to king Kolunikus. Master, let us go inside.

Temponia: Temponia used to be known for its great abundance of food. The demon Gluttony entered this city and devoured everything. Soon the people began to starve and fight with one another. Gules began attacking travelers in the nearby desert. Master, would you like to visit Modero? We may find some answers there!

Modero (with Blister): The desert has become horrible. People who have passed away due to starvation have been turned into Gules by the demon. The giants mouths towards the sky are part of the demon. There are many cliffs here and we are unsure of what is beneath. Please be careful when jumping off them.

Demon's Cave (with medibot): It looks like the demon Gluttony is hiding here. The pathway inside is very confusing and narrow. Be careful!

Humbleton: This is Humbleton. Humbleton is a civilized country which has many factories. It seems the people of this land has some kind of secret. Due to their lack of faith in us we can’t read their minds. It’s a shame. Now we must wait for the right time. Master, they are devising a preposterous plan. They... are trying to become masters themselves. They are building a tower to try and reach the sky castle. I wonder when they will stop being so reckless.

Babel (with GuidoAnchovies): This is Babel. People tried to become masters. Inside the tower, there are many man-made machines still working. On the top of this tower we can see the master they created to worship. I'm afraid it has led to a battle between master and people.
Deathheim: Master, I'm afraid the wall surrounding the castle is too thick. The only way to break the wall is to crash the sky castle into it. Master, we are ready...

Extra videos
Death Reel!
Intro + a number of secrets
Lost in Translation

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Janderbuilt envisions the warden of Gratis on the road to new conquests.

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