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Adam's Venture Chronicles

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: The puzzles of religion. - Let's Play Adam's Venture Chronicles [VLP]



Let's Play Adam's Venture Chronicles

Adam's Venture is a Christian-themed puzzle/adventure title. There aren't many religious games, and Adam's Venture has the distinction of actually being pretty decent, gameplay-wise. It's got an Uncharted-esque adventure feeling, but mostly revolves around logic/math puzzles. It was originally released as three separate episodes, but I'm playing the collected version because it's both cheaper and available on the PS3. I felt compelled to share this game primarily because it's strange, so although it isn't awful, I wouldn't place your hopes too high. It's still pretty mediocre by all traditional standards.

So, let's go on a friendly play-date with god. Just don't spoil anything.


1. The Search Begins
2. Leap of Faith
3. Hold On Tight
4. Eden

1. Airport Escape
2. Temple Mount
3. Excavation Site
4. Down The Well
5. Solomon's Throne Room

1. Two Years Ago
2. Into The Depths
3. Luz, France
4. The End?

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