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Part 6: Mission 5: POW Rescue (or "Glod I hate Adder")

Mission 5: POW Rescue (or "Glod I hate Adder")

Right then, off to save those prisoners from Adder.

They've been taken to HQ, as per your orders, sir.
And you have permitted that intel to be leaked back to Orange Star?
Yes, sir. Reports tell us they began gathering forces almost immediately.
Who is in command?
Our sources report that a Commander Max...
Max? Is that so? Like a moth to a flame... Capture his comrades, hint at doing something horrible, and out he comes. Max... you poor, heroic fool.
Our troops have been deployed, as you ordered, sir.
Then let us begin. It's time to teach that human battering ram a lesson. When we're done with him, Max will have nightmares about indirect-combat units.

... that's really, really hypocritical given what you try to do to Grit during the Blue Moon campaign, Adder. Really. Still, I guess I shouldn't expect anything less. Anyway, for reference, "indirect-combat" is another term for long range units - because they're not direct combat units.

Of course not, Max. I'm advising that you take time to assess the situation. That's all.
It's the same thing!
The enemy has indirect-combat units deployed in the middle of their army. Attack with the troops you have now, and you'll play right into their hands.
So I should do nothing?
No, Max. Just wait and redeploy your forces.
While I'm doing that, who knows what they'll do to the troops they captured!
C'mon, Nell! You've gotta let me go. Those soldiers were captured because we messed up. I've gotta save 'em!
I can hardly say no if you put it like that, can I? However, you must proceed with caution. Understood?
Thanks, Nell! I knew you'd understand. I'll talk to you later!
Wait! Max! ... I hope this works.

Day 1

Between Orange Dawn and this, they seem to love giving Max these awkward winding maps. Hang on a minute though...

... my HQ is all the way up there, and they're sitting on it...

... and my units are down here. So where's their HQ?

Guess they don't have one. Oh well.

Right, first up let's get some intel about what lies ahead.. Time to go mountain climbing, guys.

Guess I'll check out these woods over here, like Nell suggested. Fairly clear so far.

Moving everyone up. We've got four B-copters here, and they're going to be the key to success with their ability to ignore chokepoints and flank Adder's units. Especially given Max's weak long-range units. This also means that the APC is a vital unit, as B-Copters don't hold that much ammo and - as air units - tend to use fuel quite quickly, too.

Day 2

An anti-air appears in view. Guess I should hold back my B-Copters for now.

Behind the AA lies a minicannon.

I'd go up and attack the AA, but you know what, I bet there's a whole bunch of long-range units and stuff waiting for me to just that, so I'll sit back here at this chokepoint and wait for Adder to come to us. Yeah, I'm so smart .

Meanwhile, scouts report a recon and an AA to the east. Guess I'd better not move my B-Copters there, either.

So I'll just move them up with everything else, safe behind the chokepoint.

Day 3

Yeah, I'm so smart . Turns out there was a rocket in range of the bridge square as well. Oh well, let's set about some kind of revenge.

My long-range units and one of my mechs set about dismantling a recon and an AA. The mech moving up gives me a better view of the battle ahead, including that pesky rocket.

In a flash of vengeance, my B-Copter flies up to strike the rocket... and I realise too late that it's now in Minicannon range. Oh well, I did 7 damage, I'm going to take 3 damage... I'd accept that if it were a fight between two tanks or something. Just it's frustrating because, as I say, I desperately want to keep my B-Copters in top condition for this mission.

My other B-Copters and my damaged medium tank start cutting through the enemy tanks.

Some other units roll up to fill in the gaps. Those two indirects don't pose much of a threat any more now they're damaged, so I can move up a bit more.

See what I mean?

'Tis but a scratch.

Okay, that's more of a problem. Where'd that medium tank come from?

Day 4

Out of all that fog of war, clearly. Oh well.

Let's respond with some Max Force.

My rockets finish off the damaged small tank, and a B-Copter and my newly-damaged medium tank take out Adder's medium tank, before I join my two Medium Tanks together.

My B-copters flutter up and finish off the artillery and rocket.

And let's start taking down this first minicannon. To start us off, the B-Copter that took the hit from the minicannon gets in some revenge. Don't worry about that recon, because it's hiding in a forest; Adder can't see it. And if Adder can't see it, then the minicannon can't attack it.

Speaking of not being able to be seen, I think I'll move this Mech into a wood for now.

Adder's getting his Super CO Power already? Well yeah, that's kind of his gimmick. I guess I've put off introducing him properly for as long as I possibly can, so let's go:

Paul.Power's CO Notes: Adder ugh Adder's theme
Like Andy, Adder is a vanilla CO whose only distinguishing features come from his CO Powers, which boost his movement range by +1 (COP) or +2 (SCOP). Not very exciting, but he has one of the shortest power bars in the game: only two stars need to fill to get his COP, and only five to get his SCOP (some COs get one or the other of these, but none other than Adder get both).

Background/Personality: Glod I hate Adder. He's such a slimy, smug git. "Setting traps" this and "trying to get COs to join Black Hole" that. Plus his theme tune's annoying as hell. The good news is that we'll get to give him his comeuppance several times over the course of the Campaign. Anyway, Adder ranks below Hawke in Black Hole's hierarchy, but above Flak and Lash. He's a self-styled "master strategist", devising all manner of sneaky tricks in pursuit of Black Hole's goals. Adder is in charge of Black Hole's invasion of Yellow Comet: under the "evil counterparts" theory, he is the evil counterpart of Grit.

Day 5

Adder didn't actually get round to attacking me, but he is capturing some of my cities. I'm concerned that he has infantry on a map where he also has territorial control over my HQ. Guess we are under some sort of time limit after all...

The B-Copters finish off that minicannon, so I guess it's safe to move everyone else up now.

The APC especially, gotta make sure we keep those copters well-armed. Although like a fool I forgot to load the Mech into it first. Guess he's going to have a long trip.

Moving an infantry onto a mountain to get some vision and yep, that AA's still hanging around.

Day 6

Adder sends a recon and a tank up to the chokepoint, which then proceed to do pretty much nothing.

In the south, though, I spy an incoming medium tank.

B-Copters take out the recon...

... and the tank. Everyone else moves on up, with the B-Copters covering the flanks.

Okay, time to start moving these guys up a bit to join the main convoy.

Day 7

A small tank rolls up and attacks my small tank. An AA appears behind it. Watch out, B-Copter pilots.

Artillery and medium tank fire deal with these two units and oh bugger I left my medium tank in minicannon range, didn't I. What am I like?

Well, I may as well take advantage of the fact that minicannons can only hit one unit at a time, and that they tend to target the most expensive unit. Like a block of manganese tied to an oil rig's leg, that medium tank's going to play sacrifice and soak up the damage.

Keep on trucking, guys.

Adder gets his CO Power this time. He's going to get it a lot more before this battle ends.

Day 8

I guess that's that medium tank I spotted earlier. It didn't try to attack anything, just parked itself nicely in rocket range. How jolly decent of you, old chap.

Can I offer you some rockets?

The second minicannon goes down, and wouldn't you know it I left a tank in rocket range. Think of it as returning the favour .

B-Copter and medium tank fire finishes off that medium tank. Meanwhile, my Mech finally gets into the APC and comes for a ride.

General moving up. Adder's turn and...

Okay, I guess I was expecting that.

I was not, however, expecting that.

Day 9

Artillery in a forest, hmm. The only real candidate is that forest square behind where the minicannon once stood.

But before I check that out...

Let's give this rocket unit what-for.

There was an artillery here, but I ated it.

Time to explore this little river island. My tanks move in, and over in the west my infantry and mechs change direction towards this new target.

Wait, did I just leave that 3HP tank in rocket range?

Yep. That's a doomed tank all right.

My Rocket moves up. His range may be small compared with Adder's rockets, but I have a cunning plan. I shall implement this cunning plan next turn.

Good grief Adder, your last CO Power was only two days ago.

Day 10

Adder didn't do much with his CO Power, although that infantry there is getting worryingly close to HQ. I'd better do something about that, but I can't really send my B-Copters because of that AA.

However, it's cunning plan time. Max's rockets may not have much in the way of range...

... but if I put my rockets into this forest, then it doesn't matter if Adder can outrange me. He can't hit what he can't see.

The infantry and mechs cross the river onto that central island.

My recon does some scouting and finds a hidden artillery.

Take that!

Move on up, boys. Although be careful to stay out of Arty range if you aren't a B-Copter.

Day 11

At this point the conflict kind of splits in two. In the north we have Rockets and a couple of B-Copters shooting across the river and clearing out the area around my HQ.

That infantry is threatening my HQ, so neutralising it is priority one.

In the south, my main force will keep pressing forwards. First up, let's finish off that artillery.

Well, no long-range units hiding in this square, at least.

Meanwhile my infantry start recapturing these two central cities. They'll make for a useful field hospital later on.

Day 12

Adder does very little again.

Okay, time to tame this AA so that my B-Copters can work without fear.

Oh hey, another infantry. How long has he been sitting there? Has Adder just not cared enough to move his rocket off my HQ so that the Infantry can have a shot at it?

Down south, I secure one of these two cities.

Let's do some exploring. Oh hey, an artillery. I'll send a recon down to soften it up...

Oh dear. Strike one B-Copter.

Guess I'll move a few more units up, although obviously not into artillery range.

Adder's going to have a busy turn for once:

An unexpected rocket attacks my AA.

The damaged AA near my HQ has a pot-shot at another B-Copter. It does pretty well, considering.

The healthy AA down south takes out my 7HP B-Copter, as predicted.

Up in the north, a recon niggles away at the B-Copter that got damaged by the AA.

Day 13

I finish off that northern AA, and join the two B-Copters up there together to get a full-health one.

Then my rockets starts attacking Adder's rockets. Max's rockets winning a long-range battle, the irony.

Down south, it's time to take these guys on.

Careful to stay out of minicannon range, though. A 6HP medium tank is all right: a 3HP one is cannon fodder.

Aha, there's that mystery rocket that attacked my AA. Wait a minute...

Lovely, I left my small tank in range of it. Damn you, Adder.

Another CO Power. It doesn't help that all of his quotes really get on my nerves. Heh heh heh indeed.

And the tank takes the hit.

Day 14

Whoops, that infantry's started capturing. At least it isn't the HQ.

My B-Copter attacks it while the rocket continues to rain down the pain on its opposite number. The APC gives the rocket a new set of ammo.

Down south, not much has happened.

Let's send the tank up to those newly-captured cities to get healed. Meanwhile, my B-Copter starts roughing up that cheeky rocket truck, and other guys just move around a bit...

Wait, what, hidden artillery? Adder...

Day 15

Well, the Paul.Power Field Hospital's going to have a lot of customers, certainly.

First up, let's finish off this rocket truck.

And continue clearing out the HQ area.

Well, found the artillery.

Okay, I've got it cornered now. My AA and artillery retreat to get healed, and the infantry continue to march.

The field hospital opens its doors. Time to start repairing up these units.

Day 16

Not much happened in the HQ area.

Keep on clearing it out, you guys.

In the south, I finished off that artillery, and found a new one. Well, I say new. Looks like we'd met it before. It's certainly taken some damage at some point, and I don't see anyone else who could've attacked it.

Move on down, guys.

The AA and artillery get to take their turn at the field hospital.

Day 17

Pretty much the same as it was before.

Finishing up around the HQ area, and dropping off that mech to help secure it.

Down south, we finish off that artillery and find another one hiding behind it. That 8HP recon's going to take a knock, but oh well. Meanwhile, my mech starts recovering another city.

Another shot of the field hospital. I'm having to rotate the units to make sure they all get healed, but I guess it's working. They probably won't see any more action this mission, but you can't be too careful.

Good grief, Adder.

I guess that was only to be expected.

Day 18

Not far now.

Well, there's your APC.

In the north, the B-Copter pulls back so that my APC can give it some more ammo.

The field hospital continues its fine work.

Just keep moving, I guess.

Day 19

Well, I guess my Super CO Power might help with clearing out that minicannon (I'm not sure if the minicannon counts as part of achieving a rout. May as well destroy it anyway).

The minicannon and APC still stand, but oh well. I guess I'll just capture this city up here...

... ah. There's always another one, isn't there? Bloody artillery.

Day 20

Okay, let's get this infantry out of harm's way. This forest should be okay.

Finish off that minicannon and APC. My B-Copter reports that the artil wasn't hiding in these forests.

Well, next turn we should find it. And when we do, that should be it.

Day 21

Okay, let's go.

There you are, you little bugger.

Okay, now we're done.


How d'you like them apples, Adder?

Commander! Are we ever glad to see you! You got here in the nick of time, sir! A Black Hole CO named Lash was going to use us in some experiment!
What? An experiment? Good thing we got here when we did!
Sir! Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!

Oh, Nell. My... my apologies. I got a little worked up...
You really do have a short fuse, don't you? Well, I'll let it slide this time.
Let it slide?
Thanks to you, all these soldiers will make it home safely. It was your decisive command that made rescuing them possible. Nicely done, Commander Max.
Aw, thanks. Heh heh...

Oh gosh please don't develop Adder's laugh, Max

Wow, surprise 300 pointer. And I thought I got dinged pretty badly on that mission. I guess I did only lose two units, the rest got joined together. Oh well, not complaining.

I think we kind of agreed on Mountain Ops next, so...

Tune in next time for...

Missile silos!

Another Black Cannon!

Mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs mechs neotanks!