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Part 11: Blue Moon and Yellow Comet Introduction

Blue Moon and Yellow Comet Introduction

Orange Star is free. Time to move on to a whole new cast of quirky characters.

Blue Moon Theme

Grit! Grit! Where are you?!

What is it, Olaf?
An attack! Black Hole has launched an attack!
Hm? Black Hole? That name sounds kinda familiar... Where they from again?
Fool! They're the same group that tore up Blue Moon in the past. We must attack and drive them from Blue Moon borders!

 Olaf... you were on Sturm's side for most of Advance Wars 1. I appreciate that you realised the error of your ways, but less of the historical revisionism. 

Good gracious. I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's just dirt and trees and stuff. It's not like we're losing it.
We ARE losing it, you fool! It's this type of impertinence that has our army...

And who are you supposed to be?
Colin, sir! My posting to headquarters begins today!
Aha! The new CO! Good. You will watch, listen, and learn! Your training starts now!
Sir! Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!
Howdy, son.
Whoa, now. Relax a bit. No sense gettin' all worked up. Take things nice and easy, and you'll be all right.
Sir! Yes, sir! Nice and easy, sir!
That man is a disgrace! You will NOT follow his example! Now let's move out. Everyone, follow my lead!
Yes, sir!
You, too, Grit!
Right behind you, sir.

Meanwhile, across the sea...

Yellow Comet Theme

I can't seem to find my other sock...

Socks. Andy and Flak may have some competition here.

How many times must I tell you, Father? They're in the bottom-- Ooh! There's no time for socks! An emergency bulletin just arrived! Unidentified troops have been sighted all across Wars World!
What? Put all of our forces on alert! They must be ready to move on a moment's notice!
Yes, sir!
Sonja, is there anything else?
Well, at this point, we don't know whose troops they are. However, we must consider the possibility that they're...

Sensei! When did you arrive!? Why...
Can't an old man drop in and check up on a former student, Kanbei? It doesn't sound like we'll have time for tea and small talk, though.
Does this mean we can count on your assistance, Sensei?
Father controls the land, I gather the intel, and Sensei rules the skies! Between the three of us, we should be able to react to anything that arises!
Preparations complete, Commander! Yellow Comet Army is ready to move!
Listen to me! We march to war, and we shall not be defeated!

Welcome to the main part of campaign! Well, certainly it is in Normal Campaign, after the Orange Star tutorial stuff. In Hard Campaign, it actually gets significantly easier after the nightmare of Liberation. Still, there is a sense of graduation even in HC, as this is where the game opens up dramatically. The number of missions starts branching out dramatically here, and to demonstrate this you've got six different mission to choose from initially:

Option 1: Tanks!!! Grit vs. Adder. In which Adder is a hypocritical fool who thinks he can take on Grit on his home turf. My personal favourite mission in the whole of campaign, and one I'd love to do first. This mission has pre-deployed units only, so no bases for us to build Neotanks from - although Adder will have some for us to blow up.

Option 2: Reclamation. Colin vs. Lash. Basically, taking Blue Moon's broken little rich kid out for a spin. A fairly straightforward mission, although the Hard Campaign version features a laser cannon. Neotanks would be quite useful here, especially given that Colin can buy them for only slightly more than the cost of anyone else's medium tank.

Option 3: Toy Box. Olaf vs. Lash. Olaf returns to his home town, and discovers that Lash has... altered it a bit. A reasonably straightforward mission, this is also the "lab map" mission for Blue Moon.

Option 4: Sensei's Return. Sensei vs. Adder. History's greatest CO steps out of retirement to protect his country in its hour of need. Sensei's my favourite CO, so I'm looking forward to this one. Neotanks could be useful here, but this one will mostly be about Sensei's B-Copters.

Option 5: Silo Scramble. Kanbei vs. Flak. The emperor of Yellow Comet fights to keep control of his nation's missile defence system. Another reasonably straightforward mission. Neotanks could be useful here, but with Kanbei's high unit costs, their price tag would be very high.

Option 6: Show Stopper. Sonja vs. Adder. Determined not to be eternally wrapped in cotton wool by her father, Sonja takes on the enemy stronghold. A long, tricky mission that personally I'd rather do a bit later, but it is the "lab map" mission, and I do love the Yellow Comet lab mission.

After beating two missions from a country, the next three missions for that country will open up (so say we beat Tanks!!! and Reclamation, we'd get the next three Blue Moon missions to add to all these choices. And obviously if we find a lab map then the lab mission gets added to the choices. So I guess all these choices could get crazy quite quickly.

Some people like to do all the Blue Moon missions before starting on Yellow Comet, or vice versa. I generally don't bother with that sort of formality (hey, if IS decided to make this bit really non-linear, then that's fine by me), but if you want me to do that I guess I could. Either way, I'll be taking a break for a couple of days while you guys plan my route through these nations. I think I need one after Liberation...