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Part 33: Green Earth Introduction

Green Earth Introduction - Theme

Over half of our country is under enemy control, though.
Yes. And it's high time we took it back, Drake.

Jess, you're back!
Yes, I am. I couldn't continue my training abroad with my homeland in danger.
Your timing couldn't be better! It's become a ground war, and neither Eagle nor I are any good at that.
Knock it off, Drake! She delayed returning until she knew she'd be met with fanfare, that's all!
What are you talking about?
Stow it, Eagle.
The enemy took us by surprise, nothing more. I can liberate Green Earth on my own, without you underfoot, Red!
Jess, don't mind him. He's angry is all.
I'm not worried about him. I was just thinking that the more things change...
You know, with Eagle in the skies, me at sea, and you on the ground, we're nigh invincible! Let's get our country back!

Welcome to Green Earth, and our newest dysfunctional family of COs, Eagle, Drake and Jess - specialists in air units, naval units and vehicles respectively. With only ten missions to go (eight here plus two in Black Hole itself), we're entering the home straight of Hard Campaign. However, although we've done nearly three-quarters of the missions, there's still a lot to do, because Green Earth is hard going: nearly everyone seems to have at least one mission they hate here.

Still, to paraphrase Drake, I'll muddle through somehow. So let's have a look at our options:

Option 1: Sea Fortress Eagle vs. Hawke. Hawke's erected a giant fortress in the middle of the sea and - gasp - surrounded it with anti-aircraft measures! Can Eagle turn the form book around? I have to say I used to really hate this mission - I'd often end up struggling through with only a handful of units left - but on my last time through Normal Campaign I managed to 300-point it so hey, maybe my attitude towards it is changing. Predeployed only, no chance for neotanks.

Option 2: Drake's Dilemma Drake and Kanbei vs. Hawke. Hawke has Drake surrounded, but an unexpected ally joins the party... This is a fairly easy mission to win, but a pain in the neck to score well on: to win, all you need to do is take down a pair of Black Cannons, but Hawke has a ton of units, and it's tricky for Drake to destroy enough of them in one turn to get 100 Power. I'll see what I can do, though. There's a small chance of neos getting built, but it's unlikely because I'm short on properties.

Option 3: Sinking Feeling Jess vs. Lash. With Black Hole's battleships in for repairs, Jess looks to sink them all before repairs are complete. I know a lot of people hate this one, but it's actually my favourite mission in Green Earth, so I'd be quite happy to do it first. It's also the lab map mission - but saying that, I really don't like the Green Earth lab mission. So even if we do this one first, I'd rather we did a couple more Green Earth missions and introduce all the COs before attempting to grab the lab. Oh yes, and it's the last time we fight Lash, too .

So, where do you want to go next?