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Part 37: The Green Earth Lab - some strategic notes

The Green Earth Lab - some strategic notes

Like all lab missions, this mission has a time limit. And as the name Danger x9 cryptically implies, the time limit here is a mere nine days. And it's horrible. So horrible that I'm going to show you some classified information so you can see for yourself:

There's a pretty solid bunch of units between you and the HQ, and while this wouldn't be so bad without a time limit, dealing with this lot in nine days is quite a stretch. Of course, it might just be me. I mean, I've read some guides to try and help me with this mission and I can sort of see the plan...

Basically this is mostly about air units. Get air superiority against Hawke's B-Copters and single AA, bomb down a pipeline, T-Copter that lab. Meanwhile the south-east base floods out some infantry to distract Hawke's forces in the east. There's also a rocket trapped in by pipes that can use its six rounds of ammo to put a dent in Hawke's forces.

From the look of it, I think I'm best with Eagle here. Between relying on air units and wanting "that extra day" that Lightning Strike gives, he's probably the best for the job. So why am I even posting this if I've already decided what CO to use? Well, frankly I'd like some advice from some of the AW experts in this thread such as DTaeKim. Is my plan sound? Is there anything that needs adding? Would I be better going for rout rather than capture? Would I actually be better off here using Jess (or even Drake? )? I'm open to advice here, so what do you guys reckon?