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Part 50: Mission 34: Final Front (or "Wars World Nap Patrol") - Part 2

Mission 34: Final Front (or "Wars World Nap Patrol") - Part 2

Time to enter the final straight.

Day 13

So yeah, last time I ended on something vaguely cliffhangery. I think it was Grit's AA that attacked Sturm's bomber last turn that got taken out by his battleship.

But hey, who needs AA? We have a new toy to play with.


Mind you, Sturm's got his power meter charged up again already.

Missiles are all very well, but I still feel like we need some sort of mobile form of anti-aircraft measure. Such as this fighter, for instance.

With another Meteor Strike on the way, it's time to spread the troops out a bit.

So, we've got a medium tank at the gates.

Let's send it packing.

While my arty's getting on with that, I move this heavily damaged anti-air out of the way so my 4HP medium tank can get a shot in on this river-crossing infantry unit.

Arty finishes off medium tank, other arty attacks AA, and the units bunch up a bit again - once more, to try and attract Sturm's meteor. It's a horrible job, but someone has to do it.

Hey there, Sensei.

More bases for the glory of Yellow Comet.

And it's time to start exploring the world beyond the pipe seam.

Let's follow up last turn's bomber with another one.

Meanwhile, a squad of B-Copters and a tank arrive in the south to help Grit deal with Sturm's forces down here.

Yep, things are going pretty well.

As well as they can be during a Meteor Strike, anyway.

Like clockwork .

Day 14

Oh well, gotta keep plugging away.

I appreciate it's a bit of a broken record by now, but Sturm's units after Meteor Strike are tougher than old steel-toed boots that have been frozen in carbonite. Also note that, as it's a Deathray day, I retreated a couple of artillery out of the line of fire.

But not all of them. If we don't cripple these units now, they'll only come back to haunt us. An arty's gotta do what an arty's gotta do.

. Or or wherever Grit's supposed to be from.

An infantry unit also volunteers to help stop the march of Sturm's units.

... hang on, did this AA only do 1HP of damage to a fighter?

This AA only did 1HP of damage to a fighter.

I want my money back.

Battleships galore over here. Oh well, I guess it's taking some of the pressure off of Drake.

Elsewhere, another Grit AA attacks an artillery for... 1HP of damage.

Really makes you wonder why I built so many of them.

Oh well. AA shenanigans aside, things are going reasonably enough here.

Drake's got 99 problems but funding ain't one.

So let's build a unit that's, you know, actually one of his specialities.

There we go. And we'll consolidate the meteor-struck units into something vaguely resembling a chokepoint, too.

As well as build some fresh units with the money left over from the battleship.

Back to Sensei.

Let's be cunning and park our B-Copters inside the missile launcher's range shadow.

The other units follow them.

Over in the south, we have some attacking action going on.

B-Copter and tank attack artillery (and do a much better job of it than Grit's AA, I must say), two B-Copters attack a tank.

Can't afford a third bomber this turn, but another B-Copter will suffice.

Moving and capturing, moving and capturing.

I think it's pretty clear from this that Sensei's in the best shape to take on the Deathray. Saying that, Sturm's already fielded 58 units. If I want to finish this Hard Campaign run on a high with an S-Rank, I'm going to have to set up a turn where Sensei takes out a lot of units.

Deathray does Deathray things.

Sturm continues to illustrate just how difficult it is for Grit to deal with aircraft.

Day 15

That's a whole pack o'units.

We'd better do something about them.

First thing's first, though, let's deal with this pesky fighter.

This isn't a sentence I even thought I'd utter, but this missile launcher is the linchpin of our air defence here.

With that out of the way, we can go on the assault here, and remind Sturm why it's a bad idea to be anywhere near Grit when his CO Power's up and running.

Even the 3HP artillery gets in on the act.

The missile launcher taking out Sturm's fighter frees up my fighter to take out the bomber over here, freeing up the AA. Good deeds travel around the world.

Not that the AA achieves much, but it's enough to stop Sturm capturing the airport this turn and that's pretty important.

So, not a bad turn all things considered.

Drake's a bit under the cosh here, all things considered.

Luckily he has a Tsunami he can use.

That helps a bit.

A bit of brinksmanship at the chokepoint; the battleship sails across to lend a hand next turn.

And once more, Drake's forces are rebuilding.

Let's cripple this missile truck.

We're not going to kill it just yet though. I have a Plan. Specifically, a plan to get Sensei a half-decent power score by looking to kill six or more units next turn. This means holding off a bit this turn so I've got stuff to shoot next turn.

The Deathray task force continues to advance.

Followed by bombers to deal the killer blow if my B-Copters can't cope.

Continuing operation "build a half-decent power score", I give my southern units orders to cripple and blockade Sturm's units, but not to kill them outright. Heck, I even move my tank into the artillery's firing range to see if it'll be tempted to stand still and attack, rather than retreat.

And with funding available now, I can crank out another bomber.

Day 16

Sending a rocket launcher into the range of Grit's artillery must be the very definition of a desperation bid.

But hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

As the mopping up continues, I finally get round to joining the 2HP and 3HP artillery together (I'm sure some of you have been screaming at me to do that for a while )

Right then, let's reinforce our lines further.

In hindsight it might have been an idea to use one of those rockets to take out this guy over here. He's going to grab the airport on Sturm's next turn, after all. But I can always block it on my next turn.

Oh my goodness, artillery everywhere.

Oh nice, a medium tank in battleship range.

Thanks, Sturm.

My tank chips off another hit point for good measure.

And we're just generally holding the line here. Although some submarines are approaching to give that battleship trouble, and right now I can't do anything about it because I don't have the funds for a cruiser.

But oh well, we're nearly there.

Hmm, 62 units, which probably means I'd need to take out 7 for 100 Power. Time to queue up Ride of the Valkyries if you have it to hand, I think.




4, 5, 6...

7...? Sadly not. But 6 isn't bad. No 300-pointer for me, but I should have secured an S-Rank. So it's all good.

Now then, what about this Deathray? Or at least, the minicannon in front of it.

Well, I can start working on it. I can also do some capturing, refuelling, and making silly mistakes. Let's see if you can spot the silly mistake.

The bombers are hot on the heels of my Deathray task force.

And I can now produce a bomber from an airport much closer to the broken pipe seams, too.

Day 17

All right, time to deal with this pesky infantry.

Rocket takes out the infantry, fighter blocks the airport. Job done.

CHAAAARGE! (I'd hate to be that AA right now)

Well, we can afford that cruiser now.

So let's build it. Why not.

Let's also damage this infantry unit.

I wonder if I can take down that minicannon this turn...

Copter Command will provide a little extra firepower.

The last Copter Command of Hard Campaign...

... and it just about fails to take down the minicannon. With three hit points to spare. Lovely.

Oh well, I'm in position to take the Deathray down next turn anyway.

And if something goes wrong, I've got a whole bunch of bombers incoming.

Tying up some loose ends up down here, I noticed I've got a couple of B-Copters in a bit of disrepair.

There. See? Sometimes I can be a caring commander.

There goes an anti-air.

And Drake's battleship comes in for a pounding, too, although it manages to survive. Hooray for that 10% defence bonus.

Day 18

Not much to say here really, other than handing over to Sensei.

I guess I'll take this AA out, though.

Similar scenes here with Drake.

But I'll give the cruiser a run out.

There we go.

And now for the main attraction.

6HP B-Copter finishes off the minicannon, Deathray gets softened up a little by the artillery...

And it's time to land the final blow. Ready? Here... we...

... GO!


Get ready for a massive avalanche of dialogue.

The enemy's weakening! Attack the platform, and halt that launch!
Listen up, y'all! Let's mop up and skedaddle for home!
We're almost there. Stand tall, sailors!
Let's put an end to this once and for all. All together now.
Lord Sturm! The missile platform... It won't hold!
The missile must be launched.
It's impossible... Eeeeek!

The missile launch platform is completely inoperable.
I have come so far...
You're next on this list, Sturm!
...only to be stopped by you again. I will not let it end here. I will sacrifice my own flesh, and all of you...


Whoa! Hold it! What're you planning?
A self-destruct device?
Possum spit! Maxie! Back off!
You jerk!
You think for one second that we're going to let you get away with this!?
This... This worm...
I... am... not... a... WORM!!! I'm Andy! I'm a CO in the Orange Star Army!!!
No! Andy! Run away!
Andy! Everyone! Get back!

Wait, what?

Who? Hawke?
Sturm... I think it's time for you to go! Black Storm!!!

Wait, WHAT?


Good riddance.
But why? Why would you...
Lord... Sturm... Hawke, what have you done?
As of now, I am the commander-in-chief of the Black Hole Army. If you have anything to say, come forward, or hold your peace.
What's this all about? Weren't you in league with Sturm?
I wanted to test my power. To see how strong I could become. I'm interested in nothing save myself. That was my purpose. Nothing more.
In any case, you saved us all.
Does that eliminate his sins? I won't forget what you did to Green Earth!
Hah... I didn't ask you to. I'm through with all of you. I'm satisfied with your performances.
What? How about this... We continue this fight until I'm satisfied!
Eagle! That's enough! Our troops are on the brink of collapse. There's nothing to be gained by fighting any longer.

After taking two meteor strikes to the face, I'm surprised they're only on the brink of collapse...

I may be out of line, sir... But I believe he's correct.
The Black Hole Army is in ruins. They're no match for you now. I'll take them and withdraw.
Hawke! I'm with you all the way!
Me, too! This looks like it could be fun!
I... I follow the strong.
Then prepare your troops. We're leaving this place.
Hold it, Hawke! What you've done to Macro Land is unforgivable! But... You saved me... You saved all of us. Thanks.
Hah... Though the Black Hole Army's gone, you would do well to remember me. Until next time!

It's hard to say. If he does, though, we'll just have to drive him back.
We'll have to spend some time preparing if we're going to do that.
We must help heal the battle-ravaged soil of Macro Land as well.
All of that can wait! We won! ...Well, we did, didn't we?
Yes, we did.
Well, let's celebrate! It's party time! Paaaarty!
Figures. We barely escape death, and he wants cake and ice cream.

Party! Woo! But we're not done yet. Time for the super special extra bit of ending that you only get with Hard Campaign. Featuring everyone's favourite shopkeeper and former C-in-C of Orange Star, and a bunch of attempts to tie loose ends from the first game.

Isn't that... Hey, it's Hachi! What brings you all the way out here?
Well... I saw all of you in the heat of battle, and it got to me! I just had to come out and walk a battlefield again.
The battle's over, sir...
Don't you believe it, laddie! There's always the War Room, and other modes to boot!

Nice fourth wall break there, Hachi

Wo ho ho ho. Long time, no see, Hachi.
Well I'll be... Sensei! Good to see you looking so fit.
Do you know Sensei?
Yes. Hachi and I were both pupils under Sensei's tutelage. I remember, Sensei was at times gentle, at times harsher than...
Oh, c'mon, Kanbei! No one wants to hear about that!

Er, no indeed. Although it makes you wonder just how old Sensei is if Hachi was his student...

I will return to my demolished hometown and start rebuilding.
Well, in that case, I'm going to help out, too.
Yep, it's about time for me to mosey along as well.
Yo, Grit. Are you ever coming back to Orange Star?
Hmm... Can't say for sure. Olaf's been pretty good to me, you know? And I do enjoy the slow pace and the fine cookin'. Hey, Maxie... Give me regards to Nell, will ya?

Um, Grit, you realise that Nell's standing right there, don't you?

Let's see... I guess I'm off to the academy.
With this out of the way, maybe you can work on improving your grades.
Hey! Just because we attended the same school doesn't give you the right to say stuff like that! Besides, my diligence may have made the difference here today! Right?
Hee hee... Right.

Not that she was fighting here today... but fair play to Sami, she did her job in her own missions, as well as Factory Blues, Sea of Hope and To The Rescue!.

As for us... We're going to be busy setting things right for Green Earth.
Yes, we are. I'll go with you now so we can get started right away.
Afterward, we strengthen our air force! We have to do better in the future to avoid things like this. And that means you, too, Jess. I'm going to work you harder than ever!
That's fine. But there's something else we really need to do. And that's to make you into something other than a one-dimensional flyboy!
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. You and me, one on one. As soon as we get back, I want you on the training field. We'll see who's better once and for all!!!
It will be my pleasure.
Ohhhh... Not this again. Somebody save me.

Poor ol' Drake. You'd think anyone'd be entitled to some peace and quiet after what he's just been through.

Ha ha ha... Everyone sure has a lot of work to do.
Hey... what about the party?
All right, everybody. Nell, Sami, Andy... Oh! And you, too, Hachi! Let's head for home!
OK. When we get back, make sure you stop by the store and see me!
Good-bye, everyone! Thanks! Thanks for everything!

And thanks to all of you guys for reading the thread, helping me choose missions and COs, giving me general praise and advice, and putting up with me being a lazy bugger who takes forever to update.

Not perfect, but it's a nice high note to finish Hard Campaign on after those B-Ranks on the last two missions. Technique and speed were easy enough, and I feel I managed the power score as well as I could under the circumstances.

Three cheers for the Wars World Nap Patrol!

Now then, there's something I've been looking forward to showing for a while: The ending roll, which I actually went and made a proper video for. It's simple but effective, and I love it because it reminds me just how far I've had to go through the game to get here today. It also has some great music, so give it a watch.

And finally, my overall Hard Campaign S-Rank (was it ever in any doubt? ), complete with the special artwork you get for beating HC. No, I'm not quite sure what Sami, Jess, Nell and Sonja are up to, either. Shopping? Sightseeing? Oh well, either way it's a nice piece of artwork.


1 Border Skirmish: 297 Point S-Rank
2 Orange Dawn: 300 Point S-Rank
3 Andy's Time: 300 Point S-Rank
4 Test of Time: 300 Point S-Rank
5 POW Rescue: 300 Point S-Rank
6 Mountain Ops: 300 Point S-Rank
7 Sea For All: 300 Point S-Rank
8 Liberation: 217 Point B-Rank

9 Tanks!!!: 296 Point S-Rank
10 Toy Box: 300 Point S-Rank
11 Neotanks!?: 274 Point A-Rank
12 Reclamation: 300 Point S-Rank
13 Nature Walk: 280 Point S-Rank
14 T Minus 15: 288 Point S-Rank
15 Two-Week Test: 290 Point S-Rank
16 Factory Blues: 280 Point S-Rank

17 Sensei's Return: 300 Point S-Rank
18 Show Stopper: 300 Point S-Rank
19 Sea of Hope: 300 Point S-Rank
20 Silo Scramble: 297 Point S-Rank
21 A Mirror Darkly: 289 Point S-Rank
22 Foul Play: 300 Point S-Rank
23 Duty & Honor: 297 Point S-Rank
24 The Hunt's End: 243 Point B-Rank

25 Sea Fortress: 257 Point A-Rank
26 Sinking Feeling: 298 Point S-Rank
27 Drake's Dilemma: 249 Point B-Rank
28 Danger x 9: 300 Point S-Rank
29 Rain of Fire: 300 Point S-Rank
30 To the Rescue: 300 Point S-Rank
31 Navy Vs. Air: 298 Point S-Rank
32 Great Sea Battle: 226 Point B-Rank

33 Hot Pursuit: 238 Point B-Rank
34 Final Front: 286 Point S-Rank

300-pointers: 15
Other S-Ranks: 12
A-Ranks: 2
B-Ranks: 5
C-Ranks: 0
Average score: 285.3

Well, that's it! I've got a couple of loose ends to tie up, but that's the end of Hard Campaign, and the end of the main body of this LP! Thanks for reading.