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Part 2: Chapter 2 (Intermission) - Reunion in Omega Land

As the sun sets at the end of the 11th Division’s first day in Omega Land, the weary fighters return to the barracks, chatting about the battle and their thoughts on their new COs, Rachel and Jake. Ready to greet them at the door is a familiar blonde woman with red-tipped hair - Selena Hartford.

“Welcome back, everyone. I hope things were alright; please forgive me for not joining you. I was still gathering the rest of the troops.”

“Ah, we held up alright.” Dave says, nodding. Lucy nods in agreement, hopping past Selena to make her way inside.

“Yeah, we’re all fine! Now let’s go see how everyone’s doing, Ingo!”

“Alright, alright, but I’m due for poker with the boys in a little while…” Ingo says, hurrying after his girlfriend. Fleur and Fliss also head inside, accompanied by Michael, whilst Dave, Rin, Alfonse and Selena remain around the entrance, catching up with one another.

Dave looks at the friendship bracelet around his wrist, and sees the identical one that Rin has, and as usual, he gives a small smile.

“So, how’s bein’ in the grounded division treating you, kid?” he asks.

Rin shrugs. “I’ll be honest… it’s not nearly as fun as sailing!”

“Ah, I see. Guess that makes sense, you loving the ocean and all. But…”

Rin sees Dave’s face falling and smiles up at him. “But it’s not the fighting that I want to enjoy. It’s getting to spend time with all of you guys!”

Dave nods. “Yeah, that makes sense… it’s gonna be nice to see you more regularly. Though you’d better look after yourself.”

“You too!” Rin says, putting her hands on her hips. “No more silly heroic sacrifices! You come home safe every time, alright?”

“Alright, alright… jeez. Stop giving me that look.” Dave replies, trying not to smile at Rin’s impetuous little face staring intently at him. “I’ll look after myself. Or, well, better idea - we’ll look after each other.”

“Now that, I can do!”

“Good to hear.”

“I’m gonna get a tea, anyway!” Rin says, dancing on her feet. “Want one?”

“Ah, like Ingo just said, poker with the boys tonight.” Dave replies. “I’ll wait for Alfonse. Don’t wait up, kid.”

Rin nods and begins skipping away. “Alright, I’ll see you later!”

Nearby, Alfonse catches Selena’s eye - she looks perturbed.

“Everything alright, Selena? Jetlag?”

“Oh, no, no…” Selena says, shaking her head. “I didn’t write a letter to my family this week.”

Alfonse’s eyebrows shoot up. “That’s new. You’ve written one every week for… well, since I’ve known you. You’ve never missed a week.”

Selena nods sadly. “I couldn’t bear not getting a reply any more.”

“Hold on, no reply? For over two years?” Dave asks incredulously.

“It’s… not common knowledge, is it?” Selena says. “I’ve told Alfonse, but nobody else really knows. I, um… have a sister called Lena. She’s younger than me, and my parents heaped their attention on me over her, because I was the more talented child. The more intelligent child.”

Alfonse tightens his lips - he’s heard this sad story before, and isn’t excited to relive it.

“Lena grew up to resent me - and who could blame her, after the neglect my parents gave her? Even her name, Lena, is just a fragment of my name.” Selena continues. “Eventually, I knew I had to do something to change things - to make me look like a rebel, and make Lena look better by comparison. So when my parents helped me pack to do a masters at university, that night… I did the exact opposite thing I could think of.”

“Joinin’ the army.” Dave murmurs.

Selena shrugs. “Yes… after that, I sent them letters every week, hoping they’d forgive me, or tell me how they were doing, but… nothing. I don’t know if they did give Lena the love she needed. And… I think it’s about time I stopped worrying about it.”

“You think?” Alfonse asks.

Dave nods. “I can get that. You’ve got a new family now; this army. You’ve tried to reach out hundreds of times - you can’t keep doing that, it’ll kill you. Best to just let things be.”

“That’s what I decided, yes.” Selena says. “So… that’s my story. But enough of this sadness; did I hear poker in the offing?”

“You did, but do you play?” Alfonse asks, tilting his head. Selena shakes her head, chuckling. Her face is stretched into a smile, but Alfonse notices that her eyes are still glimmering with sadness.

“I don’t, no, but I’d like to watch, at least. I’m sure one of you boys would be willing to buy me a drink, too.”

As they begin to walk down the corridor, Dave sighs in mock annoyance.

“Oh, I suppose I might be able to manage that, Selena.”

“Hey, Dave, if you’re offering, I’ll have one too!”

“Alfonse, I’m not made of money! Besides, I’m about to lose it all to Michael tonight…”