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Part 6: Chapter 6 (Intermission) - The Imbalance Of Time

Ingo, whistling to himself as he strides down the corridor towards Lucy’s room, tilts his head as he hears music coming from further up the corridor. He knocks on Lucy’s door, and hears a singsong “Come in!” before entering.

“Luce, you ready to- oh, wait, you’re not dressed?” Ingo says, blinking as he sees Lucy sitting on her bunk, clad in a comfortable onesie. Lucy lifts her head up and Ingo sees the cogs ticking for a moment, before she claps her forehead in horror.

“Oh no! We were supposed to be going on a walk this evening, weren’t we?!”

“Um, yeah, did you forget already?” Ingo asks. Lucy winces.

“I did, Ingo, I’m sorry! It’s girls’ night tonight, I was just about to head up to Fliss and Fleur’s room with the others. I’m so sorry - can we do this weekend instead?”

Ingo gives Lucy a supportive smile, and lays his hand on her arm. “Of course, Luce. You go have your fun. I’ll see you later, alright?”

“OK! Thanks, Ingo!” Lucy says, beaming and planting a kiss on Ingo’s cheek before bustling out of the room.

Ingo exits shortly afterwards, suddenly not sure what to do with his evening; he ends up meandering in the direction of the kitchen area to fix himself a coffee, and finds Von Panzer writing in a notebook, nursing a mug of black coffee.

“Oh, Von Panzer. Are you alright?” Ingo asks, opening the cupboard and searching through to find his mug. Von Panzer nods.

“Ja! I am well, young Ingo.”

“What are you doing?”

Von Panzer taps his pen on the notebook thoughtfully. “I write about my future! It has been a long time since I was a Söldner working for Sturm. Now that I am a proud citizen of Orange Star, I am making notes on all the places I wish to visit. Ach! I nearly put all of the natural beauty of Orange Star at risk. I want to see it now, and see just what I have protected by turning on my former employer.”

“That’s incredible. There’s certainly a lot to see, though it doesn’t look like Omega Land is going to provide much in the way of beautiful sights.” Ingo replies. He clicks the kettle and begins waiting for it to boil as he leans against the counter to talk to Von Panzer.

“Indeed. We must drive off Black Hole as soon as possible, and prevent further damage to the land!” Von Panzer barks.

Ingo nods wearily. “I hear ya.”

“That look in your eyes. Something troubles you, Ingo?”

Von Panzer looks at Ingo with something akin to worry, and Ingo eventually relents and nods. Seeing as his coffee isn’t going to be ready for a few minutes yet, he walks over and takes the seat next to Von Panzer.

“I’m just a little bummed. It’s nothing major, I just… Lucy’s been so busy recently, we’ve not had all that much time to spend together. She cancelled on our walk this evening because she forgot she had a girls’ night.”

“Ah, problems of das Herz… the heart is a difficult thing.” Von Panzer muses. “I recall when I was your age, how it felt to be in love. It is hard! You are balancing how to love with how to live, and growing up at the same time. There must be small sacrifices!”

“Small sacrifices…” murmurs Ingo. “I suppose that makes sense. We’re both still very young.”

“Young Lucy is airheaded, but well-meaning. Just like her father when he was in this army!” Von Panzer replies.

“Hah, that’s true. She does seem to take after her old man quite a bit.” Ingo says, chuckling. “At least she won’t take up his fondness for drink, with any luck!”

The two men share a laugh, and Ingo stands up to return to making his coffee. He turns back to Von Panzer as he does, however, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ve never mentioned being in love before, Von Panzer.”

“Ach, it was a long time ago. Over twenty years.” Von Panzer replies, shaking his head. “Long before I became a mercenary, I was a simple mechanic. I wanted more, however, and she… she did not. We split.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Worry not! I have since achieved a glorious purpose. I do not regret the choices I have made, young Ingo. And nor should you - Lucy is worth your time. Even when she forgets things from time to time!”

“You’re right.” Ingo says, nodding. “At the end of the day, she still loves me, and I love her. Small sacrifices; I’ll be sure to bear that in mind.”


In Fliss and Fleur’s bedroom, the home of girls’ nights in the Omega Land barracks, Lucy, Rin, Fliss, Fleur, Selena and Michael are enjoying a nice evening in, watching a movie under several blankets, laden with sweets, drinking chocolate and other snacks. Though some are watching the movie with interest, the rest are having a quiet discussion.

“I’m sure it’s not that problematic, Lucy. If he said it was fine, it’s fine, oui?” Fleur asks.

“You know what Ingo’s like!” Lucy hisses. “He’s probably more upset than he’s letting on, and it’s all my fault!”

“Lucy, no,” Rin says, shaking her head. “I think most of us can agree that you’re a little scatterbrained. Ingo knows that, and he knows that you wouldn’t double-book yourself on purpose. All you need to is make it up to him.”

“I suppose so. I’ll have to think of something really special…” Lucy replies, nestling in her blankets even further.

“Come on, for the time being, you may as well enjoy yourself.” Michael replies. “After all, sounds like you had a rough battle out there today. That Director person… she didn’t sound like good news at all.”

“I mean, who would wear Sturm’s mask? It was all damaged and everything… really creepy.” Rin asks.

“It’s a logical choice.” Selena replies. “That mask strikes fear into the hearts of the Allied Nations. Anyone who wears it is tapping into that. They want to be feared.”

“H-hopefully when we meet again, we c-can find out more about her.” Fliss murmurs.

Selena nods, turning back to the movie. “I’d like to take the field myself soon, and see this Director for myself. I’m curious.”

“Same.” Michael replies. “But let’s not worry about it for now. Alright, everyone?”

“Oh, of course. Let’s relax.” Lucy says, giving the room a charming smile. “Where’s the popcorn, Fleur?”

The group get settled in their blanket and prepare to have a nice, relaxing evening. In the back of their minds, they know that the fighting is only going to get worse, and they don’t know how many more peaceful nights they’ll get.