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Part 16: Chapter 16 (Intermission) - Glorious Victory

The troops are still partying late into the night following the stunning victory at the Battle of the Black Arc, even though it’s almost midnight at the Orange Star and Blue Moon barracks. Around one table, a group of soldiers are relaxing with some drinks - Selena, Rin and Lucy have joined the girls in Dimitri’s Mercenaries for the evening: Zlata, Fenya and Diana.

The only man present is Dimitri himself, who, judging by Zlata, hanging off of his arm, is unable to get away from her. He doesn’t look like he minds, though, and kisses her forehead good-naturedly. Fliss spots it and smiles gently.

“Glad to be back, huh, Zlata?” Rin asks with a grin. Zlata grins and nods.

“Yup! Oh, Diana, thanks for watching out for him in the battle today!”

“Oh, it was my pleasure.” Diana replies, sighing. “If he’d stop getting himself into trouble, I wouldn’t have to haul my ass to save him, but what can you do?”

“Hey, I could’ve taken that copter! Probably.” Dimitri sputters as the group chuckle.

“Well, either way, we won, and a heck of a victory it was too!” Lucy replies. “Man, flying in a fighter is so much more intense than a bomber. It was fun, though!”

“Well, uh, glad you enjoyed it.” Diana replied. “I find them far too quick. A battle copter is more my speed.”

“I find air units scary… I prefer ground vehicles. Though my sister takes me for flights in her copter sometimes, and that’s fun…” Fliss murmurs.

“Man, you guys all talking about flying vehicles… I’m still getting used to land vehicles!” Rin chuckles. “Dave’s been giving me some pointers, though.”

“Where is Dave, anyhow? Or any of the usual suspects?” asks Zlata. “I wanted to congratulate the rest of Orange Star for such an incredible fight!”

“Oh, I’ve no idea, actually.” Lucy remarks, tilting her head. “I guess they’re off having a drink somewhere else! I’m sure we’ll see them later - this party’s only just begun!”

Fenya turns to Selena. “Selena, you look… lost in thought. Is everything alright?”

“Oh!” Selena says, disturbed from her reverie. “Yes, I’m fine, I was just musing on the battle today. My apologies.”

“Oh, don’t apologise. I’m glad you’re alright. The way you took charge to take out that crystal… it’s nothing short of inspiring, you know.” Fenya replies.

Selena tries not to blush furiously. “I… well, thank you. I’m just doing what any soldier would do.”

“Well, what any soldier would do after a battle is try to relax and enjoy themselves. Alright?” Fenya says, passing Selena a drink. Selena takes it gratefully.

“You know, you’re right. We’ve got a few days off before we move out again, so may as well enjoy it.”


Elsewhere in the Orange Star barracks, Dave and Michael are having a more solemn drink in the kitchenette area, far from the noisy halls of the party. Dave is nursing a beer, and Michael sips his tea gently.


“Yeah.” Michael says. “The Director knew Selena’s full name, and your name.”

“And Dimitri’s.” Dave replies. “That’s no coincidence. There’s only one way she’d know that stuff.”

Michael’s face falls. “...A mole in the army.”

“Gotta be.” Dave says. “There’s an informant somewhere. Only question is, who? I dunno about you, but I trust virtually every soldier in Orange Star with my life.”

“I’d agree. We’ve served with them for far too long. I can’t think of a single one that would betray us to the enemy.”

Dave falls quiet, as does Michael, and for a while they sit and drink. However, Michael can tell that Dave is thinking about something, and based on the way his face twists, it’s not good thoughts.

“Dave? What are you thinking?”

“Julian…” Dave murmurs, mostly to himself.


“Didn’t he say,” Dave says slowly. “That he primarily works with intel?”

Michael lets out a long breath. “...In that first battle, he knew Von Panzer had previously worked for Black Hole. He knew that Ingo’s brother had died. You don’t think..?”

“If he did work for Orange Star in intel, he might know that stuff.” Dave replies. “But to show up out of nowhere knowing all of this stuff… and then Black Hole ACOs start knowing it too? That can’t be a coincidence.”

Michael pulls a face. “I can’t… we’d need more proof. If there is a mole, we’ve got to be able to prove it.”

Dave nods. “I know. Just sayin’... that’s a likely possibility. And we can’t tell anyone else.”

“Of course. Until we find out about this mole, we can’t trust anyone else.” Michael replies, standing up. He strides over to the counter and puts his mug down, staring thoughtfully at the last few dregs of tea inside.

“We’ve gotta keep an eye on him.” Dave murmurs.

“Yeah. I just hope… I just hope that someone’s not sold us out.” Michael replies quietly.