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Part 28: Chapter 28 (Intermission) - Back To Our Regularly Scheduled War

Update 28 (Intermission) - Back To Our Regularly Scheduled War

(Hey guys! Just a very short update to get us back on track, start the vote, and it gives me another week to recover from being ill. See you with proper updates starting next week, and have a happy New Year!)

Well, that mission's finally done. Shame I lost to Rose, but eh... it happens. I'll just have to rework my strategy, and that's going to take time.

Unfortunately, the war can't be put on hold whilst I do that, so they're all fucking off to the next battle without me.

And it looks like more of the usual fare - a Tag battle, featuring Kindle, too. That could be rough.

Thank god I'm not the one doing it.

It's to be expected--we're near Blue Moon territory.

Check out those snowdrifts! I'd kill to have my board right now. I just hope it doesn't bog down my tanks.

You do NOT have time for that, Jake! These drifts won't be a problem, though. But if we get caught in a blizzard, it'll be a different story. I bet our units will burn more fuel if they have to plow through snow and ice.

Correct. Managing our fuel will be crucial to any battles we hold here.

It's good to see you again, Lady Sasha. I apologise for the timing, but...

Is the enemy in the vicinity?

Yes, ma'am. It appears that their momentum carired them all the way here.

I'm getting a coat of ice on my head just standing here! Let's check out the field.

Excellent idea. Come on, everyone, it's time we did some reconnaissance work.

What's up with all those wonky buildings down on the shore?

Ah, I believe those are com towers. Until now, I'd only read about them... Capture them with foot soldiers to improve communications between your units. The extra chitchat gives them a bit of a firepower boost.

Oh, that's WILD. Finally, my units having transceivers and all chatting to each other is canon! But, I guess now it'll be slightly higher-quality? Like going from Skype to Discord.

I wonder what the power boost is? Presumably not much, but like, even 5% sounds solid if you have enough towers captured.

So they're Black Hole's now, huh? Let's poach 'em!

Yes. And I believe the more com towers you control, the stronger the effect will be. The bonuses you receive don't apply to allied units, though. Don't forget that.

My dude would have liked this kind of structure. Is he still not joining us?

Don't look at me! I told him he can join us anytime, and it's HIM that's refusing to leave his office.

...Yes. I fear it will take him a bit more time. We should handle this battle without him. I must be sure to remind Lucy to take a log of the battle...

So yes, here's the map in full...

...with Blue Moon's side too. Looks like Black Hole's caught in the middle, we should be able to crush them quite easily with four goddamn COs.

Speaking of, this bit's up to you folks as always. Two teams, red and blue, and a whole ton of COs to play with. Rachel, Jake, Max, Colin, Sasha, Sensei or Grimm! Who's going where? You've got the next week to decide (give or take a few days so I can actually, like, record the map).

See you next week, folks!