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Part 36: Chapter 36 (Intermission) - By The Goddess’ Will

The arrival of the Green Earth soldiers breathes new life into the barracks, bringing with them their traditional love of nature and worship of the Goddess of the Forest of Light, as well as a whole host of familiar faces from the previous campaign; their first evening amongst the soldiers is spent catching up with old hands and meeting up with new friends.

In the main barracks space, a table at the back of the room has been commandeered by the boyfriends, Howard and Mulligan, as they reminisce about previous campaigns during their Orange Star days with Alfonse, Dave and Michael. The drinks are flowing, and the good times are rolling.

“Man, Howard, you’ve never looked better. Green Earth’s still suitin’ you, then?” Dave says, noting Howard’s frequent smiles and improved health. He nods.

“Gotta say, it really has. Me and Mulligan, we’re figuring things out.”

“You’re never going to get things right the first time.” Mulligan replies. “I think that’s something we could all stand to learn. That said… it is nice to be back. Fighting a war is never an easy thing, but it’s easier with friends.”

“Very true.” Alfonse replies, smiling. “And you and Cassandra did great in the battle today, fighting together like a well-oiled machine!”

“Ever since we came back to Green Earth, we’ve been like that.” Mulligan said. “She’s really come into her own lately, though; I can’t hold a candle to her.”

Michael sips his lemonade and smiles wryly at the rest of the table.

“Sure, the Morningstar’s a hell of a combatant, but Dave… you really never fail to amaze, do you?”

“Aw, it was nothin’.” Dave replies modestly. “Just had to show that I still had it, y’know?”

“Still had it? Dave, you’ve never not had it.” Alfonse interjects. “Whether you like it or not, the Tankslayer really is gonna be a legend amongst the new recruits after today.”

“Rin was ecstatic when she heard about it, that’s for sure.” Dave grumbles.

Howard chuckles. “She’s a lovely girl, though. It’s nice to see someone keeping you all grounded.”

“Lord knows we need it.” Michael replies. “Anyway, nice as it is to be back and chatting and catching up… I’m kinda feeling up for a game of cards. Mulligan? Howard? For old time’s sake?”

“I suppose I could be tempted.” Howard admits. Mulligan nods, grinning under his moustache.

“I’ve missed this; Green Earth soldiers just don’t know how to play like the Orange Star boys do. Deal me, Michael.”

“Aw, poker again?” Alfonse replies, eyes downcast. “Man, I just got paid, too, and I’m gonna be broke by the end of the night if we play now…”


Rin and Harlow are disturbed from their reverie, relaxing on a nearby table, when a grinning face of a young woman pops up right in front of them.

“Gah! Fuckin- who?” Harlow yelps, and Rin gasps.

“Whoa! Wait, you’re… Quincy, right?”

The woman winks at Rin and then looks over at Harlow.

“I sure am! And look at you, Harlow No-Last-Name, palling around with Blue Moon!”

“Yeah, what of it?” Harlow replies. “…Nice to see you, Quincy. Hope Green Earth’s still treating you well.”

Quincy pouts, sitting on the table instead of next to it, causing Rin to move her drink aside so it doesn’t get knocked over. She looks up at Quincy, pulling a face.

“Aw, it’s fine, but it’s no fun without you, y’know. All the cute little kids have their little Green Earth club, and all the Old Guard hang out together, and then there’s me and the girls. And the girls are fine, but… I miss ya, Harlow!”

Harlow falls quiet for a moment, and neither girl can guess what is going on behind the mask. “Guess I did leave kind of suddenly, didn’t I..?”

Rin beams up at the pair.

“Well, you’re reunited once again, as part of the Allied Nations Army! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Harlow nods. “Yeah… yeah, I guess it is. Quincy, this is my, uh, friend, Rin.”

“Ooh, you made a friend all by yourself, Harlow? That’s so cute!” Quincy replies, before turning to the grinning Rin and licking her lips. “Oh, she’s delectable, too.”

“Too young for you, you menace. Some things never change, do they, Quince?” Harlow replies, sighing dramatically. Rin hops up, off to get another drink, as Quincy gives her a wave.

Watching her go, Harlow sighs. “God… I actually, like, hang out with her and everything. Me, having friends, Quincy. Imagine.”

“Told you that you could do it!” Quincy says, winking. “But of course, I’m your best friend, right? There is a right answer here.”

“‘Course you are. I’m sorry I left in such a hurry, but… I’m glad we can hang out here now.” Harlow says.

“Same here! So, gonna buy me a drink? You owe it to me after leaving me all alone in Green Earth…”

Harlow sighs, and they turn to look at the impetuously-grinning face of Quincy. “You’re gonna be holding this over me forever, aren’t you? God damn it.”


Even the vehicle maintenance room is more lively than usual, as a few gearheads gather around the impossibly huge Megatank to greet Gavril and Karin, some of the brains behind the new development. With the monolithic tank towering over them, they look over at Nika and Zlata, whose eyes are shining with delight as they stare upwards.

“Whoa… it’s even bigger up close. It’s an incredible work of art!”

“You designed this, Gavril? I wondered why you’d been transferred to Green Earth, but to be working weapons development… on this?” murmurs Zlata. “Incredible…”

“It’s really something, isn’t it? Me and Johanna collaborated on the design.” Gavril said. “It guzzles fuel like you wouldn’t believe, but the sheer power and strength it has is more than worth the price.”

“As the project lead, I think it’s the finest creation of the Green Earth Weapons Development Division.” Karin replies. “Not even Black Hole could have made something so strong!”

Nika chuckles. “Man, my fingers are itching. I just wanna take it apart and see how it ticks!”

“Well, we can’t let you do that, but the schematics are available; I think Johanna’s got them in her room. I can talk you through the torsion-bar suspension and the multi-cannon loading mechanism.” Gavril says, feeling a little awkward around so many excitable girls.

“Yes, do it! Man, you and Johanna are geniuses!” Zlata says. “And of course, well done to Karin for leading the project!”

A slow clapping comes from out of the shadows, and a figure steps out. The look on his face is cold and empty.

“Oh yeah, congratulations to Karin. What a leader.” he says - it’s Kurtz, cousin of Karin and fellow member of the Green Earth WDD.

Karin rolls her eyes. “Really? You’re going to do this now?”

“Of course I am!” Kurtz says. “I contributed just as much to this project, and we agreed that we were going to co-lead the team! And what happened? You had a little word with the suits upstairs, and suddenly you were promoted to leader of the whole WDD. You don’t think I’d feel a little betrayed after that?”

“Kurtz, I didn’t do anything underhanded. The officers recognised my potential for leadership, and felt that I was best suited to leading on my own.” Karin replies. Kurtz bristles as she sips her coffee calmly.

“Is everything alright, Kurtz?” Zlata asks.

Kurtz shakes his head. “No. It’s fine. If you want to take all the credit for this, sure. Go for it.”

“Every member of the WDD got credited. I don’t know where you got this idea that you’d been snubbed somehow.” Karin replies.

Gavril winces. “Guys, maybe we could save this for another time…”

For a moment, everybody looks at Kurtz to see how he’ll react, but he doesn’t, and just shrugs, turning on his feet. “Fine. I’m glad it worked out, anyway. But I really don’t like your attitude, Karin, even if we are cousins.”

He walks away, with the mood thoroughly killed. Nika sighs.

“Uh, hey, let’s go get a drink or something. Maybe we can check out those schematics tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” Karin says, staring after Kurtz, her eyes betraying no emotion. “Yes, that sounds good.”