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Part 40: Chapter 40 (Intermission) - A Direct Discussion

When Selena enters the main barracks room late one night, she isn’t surprised to see various members of the 11th Division looking at her - Dave, Michael, Lucy, Alfonse, Rin, Fleur, Julian and Von Panzer. She bows her head.

“I suppose you’re here to discuss… the Director.”

“Were you ever going to tell us?!” Dave says, unable to hold back the frustration in his voice. Selena flinches.

“If you were in my position, would you? I was hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t her. Only once I had confirmed it myself in the last battle did I know for sure. I…”

“I get it.” Lucy says glumly. “For your own family member to turn on your country like that… it explains why you’ve looked so sad recently. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything, Selena!”

“I wish we could have done more…” Fleur murmurs, placing a hand on Selena’s shoulder gently.

“Can we really just let this slide?” Dave asks. He closes his eyes. “I know it’s not your fault, Selena, but… you can’t really think you can save her, right?”

“I… I don’t know. But I have to try, don’t I?” Selena replies.

Von Panzer scowls. “Harrumph! You all accepted me, even when I had come from das enemy’s side. Selena made an error, but she is still our sister-in-arms!”

“I agree with Mathis.” Michael replies. “Selena, we’re not going to look badly on you for this. You probably should’ve censored your letters, but like you say… we all thought the same as you: that nobody was reading them.”

“What could’ve caused your sister to turn on Orange Star and the Allied Nations, though?” Alfonse says. “I know she resents you, but…”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it was her only option.” Selena replies, taking a seat next to the soldiers. Lucy cuddles up to her, trying to comfort her.

“So you think the Lena you know is still in there somewhere?” Rin asks.

“That is the Lena I know. Spiteful, vindictive, cold. Lena’s always been angry at the world, and with the way she’s been treated… I can’t blame her for that. I just… hope we can sort things out before it’s too late.”

Michael nods. “We will. I know I’d do anything for my sister, and you’re just the same, Selena. Next time we face the Director, you won’t have to face her alone. We’ll all be there supporting you.”

“I… I couldn’t imagine being w-without my sister…” Fliss murmurs, gripping Fleur’s hand tightly. “I bet she’s… n-nervous…”

“I might give her a punch or two for tryin’ to kill me.” Dave mutters, but he gives Selena a grin to show he’s kidding.

“Something else, too…” Michael says, tapping Dave on the shoulder and turning to the only person in the room who hasn’t spoken yet. “Julian… can you forgive us? We shouldn’t have suspected you.”

Julian looks up and locks eyes with Dave. Dave nods. “...Yeah. That. It wasn’t right of us to suspect the only new guy with no evidence. I get it if you don’t forgive me, but… I apologise, for what it’s worth.”

“Gentlemen… thank you. Your apologies are well-received; I can understand your suspicions, considering my situation. Perhaps I carried myself with too much arrogance.” Julian muses. He nods gently at Dave, a warm smile passing over his features. “I hope this proves beyond all doubt that perhaps your group could stand to open up to new people a bit more, anyhow.”

“Yeah, there might be some truth to that…” Dave says.

Rin nods. “We can make plenty of new friends, like Harlow!”

“A warrior is nothing without his bonds. We have been through much together, but we must strive to always be open to new people!” Von Panzer announces, and Michael chuckles.

“Absolutely. All in all, I’m glad we were able to figure things out. No more brooding about this on your own, alright, Selena?”

Selena nods. For a moment, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, but then opens them and stands up, blazing with fierce ambition. “You’re right. I’ve spent too long brooding. I have a division to lead.”

“Co-lead.” Dave says under his breath, but he feels a surge of joy when he sees Selena looking so motivated.

“My apologies for all the time I’ve spent in my own head. I can assure you all…” Selena announces, shaking her head and letting her hair cascade around her face. “I’m back, and I’m not going to stop for anything or anyone. We’ll save Lena and defeat Black Hole in one fell swoop!”

“She’s back!” Lucy squeals as Selena walks out of the room with refreshed ambition.

“She is… I’m v-very glad…” Fliss replies, sighing with relief.

Alfonse leans forward. “I’ll say. I remember when Selena first told me about her family, and her sister… I can only hope this story has a happy ending. I guess we’ll see when we face the Director next.”

“Dave, is she gonna be OK?” Rin says.

“Who, Selena or the Director?” Dave replies. “Selena’ll be fine. Looks like she’s back on top form now, so I worry for the Black Hole forces who are goin’ up against her. As for the Director… who knows, kid.”

Rin’s face falls. “I just… hope things work out.”

Dave embraces Rin briefly, comforting her as best he can. “We’ll do it. We’re the 11th Division, Rin. My dude’s crack team of soldiers, the saviours of the world. Who the hell do you think we are?!”

Rin beams. “You’re right! We’ll never give in!”

“Never, kid. Now come on - that conversation was pretty emotionally heavy. Let’s all chill out for a bit.”

“You got it!”