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Part 42: Chapter 42 (Intermission) - The Lovestruck

Several of the soldiers of Green Earth are relaxing in Conrad and Henry’s room - Petra, Sebastian and new friend Darwin, the mute soldier. Conrad and Henry are lying on their beds, whilst the others sit around on the floor, eating some snacks and chatting lazily.

“Still can’t believe the outcome of that race the other week!” Petra says. “Man, I’d love to fly alongside those two sometime… they’re so cool!”

“I’m sure you could take ‘em.” Conrad replies, grinning.

Darwin scribbles on his whiteboard and holds it up. ‘Wasn’t Petra trained by Edgar himself?’

“Yup,” Conrad says. “In the last campaign, me and Petra got plenty of good advice from Edgar. I… owe that guy a lot for changing my outlook on the soldier’s life.”

“I can’t think of anybody who didn’t owe Edgar something. The man was full of incredible advice.” Sebastian replies. “I just, uh, wish he’d not retired so soon…”

“Oh, I think it was plane to see that he was getting on a bit! He deserves a bit of rest!” Henry says, and the rest of the group nod.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Sebastian says.

‘He sounds very inspiring. I wish I could have met him!’ Darwin writes.

“Well, if you want inspiring, we’ve still got the rest of the Old Guard, and Abelard.” Conrad replies.

“Abelard’s incredible! Did you see him in the megatank in our clash with the Allied Nations?!” Petra squeals. “Ahh! A legend, that’s what he is!”

‘He’s very nice to me!’ Darwin writes again, beaming, though the others cannot see his smile beneath his face mask.

“That doesn’t surprise me, actually. Abelard’s like the dad of the whole army.” Sebastian says.

“Ah, speaking of the whole army, is it that late already?!” Petra says. “I was supposed to go help with tank maintenance today. My dude’s gonna have my head if I’m late!”

“My dude? Being strict?” Henry asks quizzically, and Petra sighs.

“Well, OK, he’s not gonna be that mad, but I’d still like to be on time. Sorry to cut this short, but I’ll see you guys later! Bye, Conrad!”

“Later, Petra.” Conrad says, waving as Petra speeds out of the room. As the door closes, Conrad’s smile fades, and he sighs.

“Someone’s still pining for a pilot, huh?” Henry says, smirking.

Conrad pulls a race, but nods. “...Yeah. It’s a real problem. We’re siblings-in-arms. I don’t think she’s interested in anything else, so I gotta… keep these emotions under control.”

‘Do you know for a fact she doesn’t like you back?’ Darwin writes. He thinks for a moment, then rubs the question out and writes something else. ‘She said goodbye to you specifically, after all.’

“I think that’s just because we’re closer.” Conrad replies. “But… I did notice that too. Maybe..? Or maybe I’m just imagining things. Fuck, this is so complicated.”

“I think you’re the one overcomplicating it.” Sebastian replies. “If you like her, tell her. You can figure things out from there.”

“But what if it doesn’t work out? I mean, you and Adelaide seemed perfect, and that ended up… uh, not working out.” Conrad replies. “Sorry to touch on a sore subject.”

“It’s not a sore subject,” Sebastian says, smiling gently at Conrad. “That was a long time ago. Besides, whilst our relationship may not have worked out, for many reasons, the breakup allowed us to grow as people, so there was still value in it. And I was happy, for a time. And if something makes you happy, even if it won’t last forever, isn’t it your duty to seek it out?”

“...Man. You’re as insightful as Edgar.” Henry says, before turning to Conrad and nodding, his eyes flashing with excitement. “Seb’s right, Conrad! If you tell her, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

“It’s easier said than done.” Conrad says, sighing.

‘You can do it!’ Darwin writes. ‘In your own time.’

“In my own time, huh.” Conrad replies, lying down on his bed and looking up at the ceiling. “In my own time, I can do that. I’ll think about it.”

“That’s the best we can hope for.”

“She’ll reciprocate for sure!” Henry replies. “You put the ‘rad’ in Conrad, after all!”

This gets a chuckle out of Conrad, as well as a pillow thrown across the room, which hits Henry.

“Yeah, yeah, alright, Henry…”