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Part 48: Chapter 48 (Intermission) - Fogbound

On foggy, atmospheric nights around the Allied Nations barracks, it is not uncommon for soldiers to take late-night walks through the mists. Some enjoy the romantic atmosphere, whilst others find it a nice chance to reconnect with themselves or with nature.

“Ahh…” says Petra, breathing in the chill night air. “Man, this is nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance for a nice moonlight walk!”

“Yeah.” Conrad says, nervously following behind her. “Yeah, it’s good to get some time to relax.”

“It’s a shame that Henry couldn’t make it! But oh well, at least I can walk with my brother in arms!”

Conrad doesn’t mention that Henry was only pretending to cancel his plans in order to give him some time alone with Petra, and instead nods.

“Mm, guess he was just way too busy with vehicle maintenance.” Conrad murmurs. “Um, Petra… I just wanted to say, it’s nice to fight alongside you again.”

“Oh, I’m glad! You’re the bestest pal a girl could have, Conrad.”

“Y-yeah… I guess we learned a lot together over that last campaign.” Conrad replies. “I think about it a lot, actually. I’ll always be thankful to Edgar for teaching me not to waste my life.”

Petra slides her hand into Conrad’s, gripping it tightly and pulling him further into the fog.

“I’m glad too! You’re an amazing soldier, Conrad - even if you constantly lie in!”

“Look, I get tired easily. Life’s kinda busy, y’know?”

Petra nods, looking away to glance up at the sky. She doesn’t see Conrad blush as he realises that they’re still holding hands. “I understand.”

“But still, it’s easier with you in it.” Conrad mutters. “And if that’s what I believe, then that’s my truth.”

“Man, Conrad, we should go on walks more often! I’ve never heard you be so openly positive.” Petra says, and Conrad jerks his hand back nervously.

“Oh, w-well, I was just saying…”

Petra smiles at him, shaking her head. “I’m just teasing you! Though, it’s kinda cold out. Should we start heading back?”

“I’d like to carry on.” Conrad says. He takes off his jacket and holds it out. “...Maybe this’ll help ya.”

Petra takes the jacket and puts it on, wriggling in the warmth and giggling to herself. “A comfy fit! I can see why you like this jacket so much! Thanks, Conrad.”

“No worries, Petra.”

As they walk, they continue to chat about this and that.

“Conrad, you keep looking at me. Is there something you’re wanting to say?”

“U-uh, no! I just… hey, look, the fog’s getting even thicker. Are those lightning bugs?”


Alfonse is sat on a bench at the edge of the forest, just reading a book, when he is suddenly joined by Vanessa.

“Alfonse! Nice to see you. Everything alright?”

“Oh, it’s been fine, Vanessa. You’ve been doing well too, haven’t you?”

Vanessa sits down next to Alfonse on the bench, yawning. “Oh, I’d say so. Work’s keeping me busy, but I think I’m making good improvements.”

“I’ve been thinking more about what we talked about, you know. About what I really want.” Alfonse says, putting his book aside. As the fog swirls around the pair, Vanessa shivers.

“Have you, now?”

“To surpass soldiers like Dave or Dimitri, those who are virtually legends of the battlefield… seems insane.” Alfonse replies. “But there’s lots of ways for a soldier to contribute. Dave and Dimitri can fight. Michael supports the army, the backbone of the group. Selena and Rose are natural-born leaders.”

“Mhm?” Vanessa says, raising an eyebrow.

“So… I can contribute in other ways. I’ve actually started visiting nearby towns and cities on my weekends, helping with rebuilding efforts. I read books to the children, I put some money into the infrastructure.”

“You volunteer? That’s amazing, Alfonse!” Vanessa says. “It may not be a promotion, but in fact, I think that’s something way more valuable.”

“It’s proven to be really rewarding.” Alfonse replies, smiling gently as he pictures the children he’s helped rehouse. “In my own way, I’m helping combat the destruction that Black Hole has visited on our world.”

“Honestly, Alfonse, that’s fantastic. I hope I didn’t offend you with our chat the other day. I just… I can never be satisfied, so I guess there’s something that frustrates me about people who are satisfied with less, you know?”

Alfonse nods. “I completely understand. You, Sonja, Rose… Yellow Comet’s in a class of its own when it comes to ambition. I’m not offended, don’t worry.”

“Good!” Vanessa replies.

“Do you really plan to go all the way to the top?” Alfonse asks. “CO?”

“Definitely. If Sonja can do it, then so can I, and this campaign is a perfect chance to prove that!” Vanessa replies, with grim determination. “That’s just who I am. I was given an opportunity by Sonja to become better. I’ve got to show her, and everyone else, that she was right to give me that second chance.”

“Well, good luck to you. I’ll be supporting you.” Alfonse replies. “I don’t think I’m really cut out for being ambitious and chasing promotions. But I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good supporter of my friends.”

Vanessa pauses for a moment. She hasn’t considered the idea that someone could be satisfied with merely supporting others with their success, but as she looks into Alfonse’s smiling features, she suddenly understands. People like her need people like Alfonse, and she smiles back brightly.

“You know what, Alfonse? I’d be glad to count you amongst my friends. Thank you!”