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Part 50: Chapter 50 (Intermission) - Dimitri’s Shadow

In Dimitri’s room, there are only two people, and not Dimitri and Ivan for once. Instead, Dimitri’s sitting alongside from Diana, and the pair are not looking at one another, instead focussing on the wall ahead of them.

“So…” Dimitri murmurs. “Diana, about what happened today…”

“I meant every word.” Diana replies firmly. “You’re a man worth dying for. That said… I’m also pleased to not be dead. Thanks for that.”

“Uh, anytime.”

They sit in silence for a few moments longer, until Dimitri sighs.

“Is this really what you want to be? An ol’ bodyguard for me?”

“Look, Dimitri.” Diana says. “Wanda was… special in more ways that one, I… liked her. A lot. If you catch my drift.”

Dimitri’s eyes widen as he understands.

“And… when she didn’t come back… yeah, I was mad. At you. In my head, you’d taken her away from me.”

“I get you. I’d feel the same if Zlata ever…” Dimitri mutters.

Diana nods, her face outlined with a grim expression.

“But when we found out the truth… gave me some time to think. I realised you hadn’t done anything wrong. But that doesn’t bring her back, you see?”

“No. It doesn’t.”

“Love isn’t something I’m looking for any more. The woman I loved, the one I could never tell… she’s gone.” Diana says, a hint of emotion in her voice. “So I’m gonna devote myself to your service, and your love. I was the one who introduced you and Zlata and…”

Diana bows her head, thinking about the smiling face of Zlata.

“I don’t want Zlata to become like me if she loses you.” she says eventually, heaving a difficult sigh.

Dimitri nods, and places a hand on Diana’s shoulder. “Thank you, Diana. That means a lot. Don’t worry - I don’t plan on dyin’ anytime soon.”

“You’d better not.” Diana says, with a brief smile. “So, yeah, that’s why I’m your shadow. Hope that clears it all up.”

“It does. I’m only sorry that… you’re without Wanda.”

“It was a long time ago now.” Diana replies, her eyes misting over. “We move on.”

“We do.” Dimitri says. “But we maintain her memory.”

The pair continue sitting together in a comfortable silence - old soldiers of Olaf’s Mercenaries, lost in their grief, but united by their bond.