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Part 66: Chapter 66 (Intermission) - Over A Drink

The evening is quiet, as the soldiers unwind from a difficult battle with relaxation rather than parties and games. Some battles warrant celebration, but others just tire the soldiers out, making them seek nothing more than a hot drink and an early night. On one such night as this, Lena is sitting with Von Panzer and Fleur in the main barracks room, sipping hot chocolate at their table as they watch the other soldiers sitting around.

Fleur lets out a luxurious sigh. “Ah… le chocolat chaud… it’s just what was needed.”

“It is nice. We didn’t have much in the way of hot chocolate at the Tower of Rebirth - that was my base of operations.” Lena says.

“Harrumph! A black coffee is all I need!” Von Panzer replies, rather more fiercely than he intended. “Sorry. I am… anxious to finish this Kampagne.”

“I believe you used to be a mercenary working for Sturm, Von Panzer.” Lena says.

Von Panzer nods. “Ja. You and I, we walked a similar path, for a time. But I refused to perpetrate atrocities in the name of Sturm!”

Lena bows her head, and Fleur looks at her with worry. “Yes… I stood by and let so much happen.”

“How did you come to be with the Black Hole armée, anyway?” asks Fleur.

The blonde-haired girl lets out a long sigh. “When they invaded, taking our people for work in their factories, I stood out. I hated my country, and I wanted vengeance - I thought that’s what they were offering. I eventually rose up through the ranks to ACO.”

“Goodness. You must have done so much…” Fleur murmured.

“I was… fine at tactics.” Lena replies. “Ultimately, I think they only promoted me because they recognised my hatred for Orange Star.”

“Hm… I see.” Von Panzer muses.

“That was when the campaign began in full.” Lena whispers. “Up until then, we’d fought skirmishes, done mock battles, all in preparation. But when I saw what they were planning to do, I lost my nerve a bit. But at that point I was in too deep.”

“You believed there was no forgiveness for you…” Fleur says, and Lena nods at her miserably.

“But there was. You all forgave me…” she replies, giving a soft laugh. “I still can’t quite believe it, sometimes. I wanted to fight… I wanted to kill… but I never wanted to destroy the land. I never wanted the black obelisk.”

“I believe you.” Von Panzer says seriously, looking Lena in the eyes with his piercing stare. Lena stares back, taken aback. “I believe you, Lena! I was just a mercenary - I had the choice to leave. You were entrenched in the army, one of their commanding officers…”

“And you needed your fight with Selena, didn’t you?” Fleur adds with a sly wink and a grin. Lena gasps.


“I have a younger sœur - my sweet Fliss. We get on, but now and again, we have our disagreements… and sometimes, the only way past such roadblocks is tête à tête. Only by talking. Only by the confrontation can you move past the problem.”

“I understand.” Lena replies, nodding. “I think that’s what I needed. I needed to hear it from Selena herself - not through her letters, not through our fighting, but just… face to face. Tête à tête.”

“You fight with your Schwester?” Von Panzer grunts. “News to me, hmph.”

“Oh, not often… mostly about my friend, Bernard.” Fleur replies. “You remember him, Mathis?”

Von Panzer nods, and Lena looks at Fleur with interest glimmering in her eyes.

“Oh, a friend?” she asks.

“From our first campaign. He was a good pilot.” Von Panzer replies. “And a good friend of Fleur.”

“Indeed!” Fleur giggles. “Felicity is convinced we are… something more, and I try to tell her we aren’t…”

Lena smiles - a big, genuine smile as she realises what Fleur’s blushing cheeks mean. “But you are in a relationship, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but you mustn’t tell!” Fleur laughs aloud. “We are keeping it, how you say… hush-hush for now.”

“I suppose every pair of sisters has their differences.” Lena replies, shaking her head. “I’ll be sure to talk face-to-face next time I have a problem with someone, though. Perhaps that’ll help me - just talking to someone.”

“Of course! And you can always talk to us if that would help.” Von Panzer replies gruffly, placing a hand on Lena’s shoulder.

Lena nods. “Thanks…”

Merveilleuse! Anything at all that you need, just ask!” Fleur says, clapping her hands together with delight.

“Well, uh… if you say so.” Lena replies. She smiles at Fleur, lifting her empty mug of hot chocolate. “I… don’t suppose you’d be willing to make me another, would you..?”