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Part 74: Chapter 74 (Intermission) - Approaching The End

There’s a bump in the APC as the soldiers travel to the site of the battle. Lloyd bumps his head and rubs it, grumbling to himself.

“I hate yon land-based vehicles. People always think they’re smoother than the seas, but I’ve never had waters choppier than some of the mountains that ye call roads!”

“It is rather off the beaten path, isn’t it?” replies Carter. He and Lloyd are sharing the vehicle with Fliss and Khepri, bound for the seaward side of the battlefield.

“If we can stop Von Bolt and destroy the Black Obelisk, though… it’ll all be worth it!” Khepri replies. “I’m feeling all fired up! Especially since I’ll be fighting alongside some legends from the 11th Division!”

Lloyd chuckles. “Hah! Legends? I don’t know if any o’ us here would qualify as a legend.”

“Yeah, even I can’t claim to be a legend… I’ve not had a properly heroic moment yet.” Carter replies sheepishly.

“I j-just want to help…” Fliss murmurs.

Khepri smiles at her. “You’re Fliss, right? I remember hearing about you! You’re totally a legend!”

“O-oh? P-people talk about me..?” Fliss says.

Lloyd grins. “Aye, your sister never shuts up about you. Ye’ve a good shipmate there, Fliss.”

Fliss smiles. “I’m glad to hear it… I don’t think that warrants me being, um, a legend…”

As the vehicle moves on, Carter, musing on the topic, shrugs. “I dunno if being a legend is something you choose, Fliss. Thinking about people like Dave, and Alfonse… they never asked to become heroes. They just did, because they had to, right?”

“Aye.” Lloyd says. “They were just ordinary soldiers once. But when destiny came knockin’, they were ready.”

“So maybe we’re all legends to each other. I’ve heard people talking about the legendary Dave Ruston at my military academy. But I’ve also heard people whispering about Rose, the genius strategist, or Vanessa, the first known person to destroy a medium tank with her bare hands!”

“I don’t think it was with her bare hands…” says Khepri. “I wasn’t at that battle, but I’m like, pretty sure she had a gun, at least.”

“The point stands, though - ordinary soldiers to you, but heroes to other people!” Carter replies. “I get it now! We get stronger by recognising each other’s strengths!”

Fliss nods. “That makes sense… these soldiers may all be l-legends, but they, um, they become stronger when they’re t-together!”

“Aye. We’d best work with the Snowbound Free Company once we reach the battlefield!” Lloyd replies. “You’re all gonna have to be your own legends someday.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” Carter asks.

Lloyd shrugs. “I’ve been in this game a long time, Carter. So’ve plenty of the other soldiers - Von Panzer, the late Abelard, and more… someday the younger folk’re gonna have to pick up that legacy.”

“Do you plan to leave the army after you, um, finish this campaign?” Fliss murmurs, looking up at Lloyd with worried little eyes. He gives her a smile.

“Aye, lass, I’d best be moving on after this. There’s a whole world to explore… and I want to get back to sailing the seas for my own sake, rather than for war. Ye get that, don’t you?”

Khepri grins. “I can totally get that, Lloyd! You’ll have earned your rest after this, for sure!”

Lloyd nods. “Aye… I just wonder how many other soldiers will join me this time. I think a lot of ‘em are reaching the end of their journeys. They may wanna settle down…”

Carter closes his hand into a fist. “Whoever goes, and whatever happens, I’m… I’m gonna do my best to live up to the ideals of the other soldiers. Dave and the others helped me realise how to be a good soldier, and I want to pay that forward. Maybe one day I’ll be the one training other soldiers! I’d be really good at that!”

Fliss gives a little smile. “Hm… I think y-you need a bit more training yourself, first…”