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Part 80: Chapter 79 (Battle) - With The World On His Shoulders [Chapter 2]

Update 79 (Battle) - With The World On His Shoulders [Part 2]

With everyone's help, peace has returned to Omega Land. I would like to to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the COs...

Green Earth... Commander Eagle, Commander Jess, Sir Javier... I thank you all... There would be no peace without you.

I am honored to have served with the noblest knights history has ever seen.

Javier, I speak absolutely no hyperbole when I say I would fucking die for you. Thanks, man, for everything.

Your leadership was brilliant, Rachel.

If anything happens, just call. We'll be there.

Yellow Comet... Commander Grimm, Commander Sonja, and my dear Sensei... Thank you all. We could not have done this without you.

Gwar har har! We got to kick butt AND break things! Pretty fun, eh, Sensei?

Heh heh... You said it!

God I love you guys.

I have learned much from this... Thank you, Rachel. And you too, Rose, Vanessa. It's always a pleasure fighting alongside you.

Please, Sonja, the pleasure was mine.

Heck yeah! There's nothing we can't do together!

Blue Moon... Commander Sasha, Commander Colin, Commander Grit... Thank you. Your efforts saved us many times over.

No... Thank you, Rachel, for your leadership.

C-Commander Rachel! Thank you for believing in me!

Heh... Colin's turned into a fine young feller. I think y'all are in good hands...

Grit...I forgive you for Bill and Eric. It wasn't your fault.

Shucks, my dude, you're gonna make me tear up. I'm sorry for what happened to y'all in that first campaign. If we could do things differently...

Orange Star... Commander Max, Commander Sami... Jake... Thank you.

It's really over, huh?

Be proud, Jake! It's thanks to you!

I bet Nell will be tickled pink that Omega Land is safe again!

And of course...a thanks to all our Assistant COs. Rose, you were incredible out there. You have more than earned your title as the world's greatest strategist. Dimitri and led your groups unfailingly. Petra and Vanessa, you showed amazing courage. And...Abelard...made the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember him.

Oh, come on, you're doing this on purpose now.

Quiet, you. You did fine too, I suppose.

He did more than fine. You were amazing, my dude. Thank you for all of your efforts...we'd never have won without you.

You can say that again. Word!

And finally... Our former Black Hole COs, Lash, Lena and...Hawke. Hawke is...not with us...but I will not forget the sacrifice that both of you made, nor the Director's change of heart.

Aw, you can forget it! I don't care! ...Well, I guess I do care a little bit...

I...thank you, Rachel. Thank you for everything.

Well then... I officially declare the Allied Nations disbanded! I appreciate your help... Thank you all.

I appreciate your quick response to my reinforcement request, Commander Nell. Please give my best to all of the Macro Land COs.

Will do. I sincerely hope that both Macro Land and Omega Land maintain their close ties... And what of my dude?

Ugh. He’s arrogant! Outspoken! He’s totally annoying and he stole my airstrikes! Plus, he never listens in meetings, and he can be childish, and he spends way too much of our military budget on medium tanks! Other units exist, you know! And--


…And he’s one of the greatest strategists I’ve ever worked with. There! Is that what you wanted me to admit?

Hee hee. I’m satisfied.

He’s still an idiot, though!

He takes some getting used to, but I think his earnestness and devotion is truly inspiring. But tell me, Rachel, how did you like leading the Allied Nations?

Hmmm... Well, I'm glad we found a way to win. But I don't think my battles went as smoothly as when you lead, Nell. This war has taught me that I still have a lot of learning left to do. I have to carry my weight and not be a burden to other COs.

If you feel that way, you're already doing well. I still have the same doubts, from time to time. And I still get rattled after a battle. Asking questions... Could I have done things differently... Is there a better way...? But that feeling allows you to grow... and that's important.

Yeah, maybe you're right. Wow. You can learn a lot by listening to your elders...

Rachel! Are you calling me old?!

N-no! I didn't say anything like that! ...I'm going to hang up now.

Hey, hold on, Rach.

W-what? Look, I meant it as a compliment, I swear...

...Good work, Sis. You did well.

...Nell... Yeah, I guess I did... Thanks...Commander!

I knew I'd find you here.

Hey, Sasha... 'Sup?

This must be that hill you told me about...

Yeah, this is it... 'Course, it's just a lump of sand now.


You know, I... I fought Black Hole because I wanted to defend the view from this hill... I figured if I worked those guys, then peace would come... And yeah, we have peace, but... What we lost is just... It's too much...

You did well, Jake.

Yeah, I guess... I don't know... This hill used to be all green, you know? And then... Hawke... I just...



Hey, Jake, look!

What? Where?

Right there... Careful... Don't step on them...

Hey...! Check it out! Flowers...

So small, yet so lovely.. Do they always bloom on this hill?

Yeah, and in the spring this place was covered with 'em... I can't believe they're growing here in the middle of all this sand!

Jake... You made them bloom.

What, me? Me...?

You did. And someday, I know that flowers will cover this hill again. When that happens, we'll bring everyone back to see it.

I'll tell you something, Sasha... No one will ever do this again. If some enemy appears and tries to wreck everything all over again... I won't lose. I will fight for the tiny life that has blossomed in this great land...


We were so goddamn close to him not saying anything stupid.

I don't know how you managed to escape with Lord Von Bolt's chair...but kudos. Poor Von Bolt. He can't even sweep a street in the shape he's in...

Lord Von Bolt's chair... Massive energy... Jugger mood setting: utter awe.

Yes. The device certainly has enough power left to revive this land... Of course, Hawke could always use it to build an army and come after us...

Not to worry, Kindle... It appears the hawk has flown to the nest with empty talons.

Desert receding. Green fields returning. Omega Land rebooting. Jugger experiences wistfulness. Jugger misses...sand.

Fucking love you, Jugger.

Aha ha ha! Hawke, you devil. So wishy-washy! I wonder... Did you question the path you had chosen when you first met your new friends? Or did it take a few days? Ah, well... C'est la vie...

Shall we start planning our next campaign, Kindle?

Aha ha ha ha! No, I think not. Let's not think on such things for a while. I just want to find a quiet little city with fine restaurants and good shopping...

I'll raise a glass to your success, Allied Nations! But I suggest that you stay sharp... One never knows what manner of enemy may be waiting for you... Aha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha ha!

Is... is the final line of the game SERIOUSLY Kindle's laugh?! That feels personally targeted. Fuck you, Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


Anyway, yes, we're done here! So, there's a final intermission part, and then next week, we'll do the credits and round things off. Voting for Their Finest Hour, the link to which you'll find on the first post, will close at the end of today, so get your votes in if you haven't already. Otherwise, see you next week for the final part!


Update 80 (Intermission) - Vainglorious Ascension