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Part 65: Advance Campaign Mission 2: Gunfighter! AC

Advance Campaign Mission 2: Gunfighter! AC (or "A Bit of Grit")

Youtube (31m59s)

Quite a bit longer this video, at a little over half an hour. I haven't cut anything out yet, but if they start getting longer I may have to - or at least, I may have split the video into parts. Anyway, joining me this time are Fedule and BrooklynBruiser (Alkydere was going to join us too, but he had some audio recording problems. Still, never mind).

There are quite a few differences here, some more subtle than others. Again, the map's the same, but the unit counts have changed a lot. We've been stripped down to two infantry units, making our early defence that much more precarious - and, given Grit will be coming at us with medium tanks, artillery and rocket launchers, we're going to need a heck of a defence (what we'll be getting though are hastily scrambled recons and light tanks. But they'll do the job. Somehow).

More insidious is the pair of tanks and the artillery in the area surrounded by river and mountains - making an attempted fording of the river with mechs a lot tougher. So tough I'm not going to even bother with it - we'll have to do without those cities. Instead, Grits infantry and mechs will be coming over here, capturing our stuff and giving us yet another thing to think about. It's fair to say that this is going to take a bit of grit (aaaa puns). Once it's all been cleared away though, it's not so bad - just got to smash up two rocket launchers, a medium tank and a light tank and the HQ is ours. "Just". At least Grit's medium tanks are pretty weak... though that and bases are about the only things in our favour.

Picking up the action on Day 6 here, with Grit firmly lodged in my HQ area. Launching a bit of a counterattack here by having some recons (Good ol' recons. Didn't get much of a chance to show them off in Normal Campaign, but they're decent anti-indirect and anti-footsoldier units and nice and cheap to boot) flank Grit's column and mess up his artillery.

Day 8. Clearing out and artillery and doing 6HP damage to a rocket launcher with a recon (told you they were good at anti-indirect work).

Day 10, and we're still camped in our base area. Not for much longer, though, as I finally finish off that infantry trying to grab my HQ and finish off the rocket launcher.

Day 11, and one of many Snipe Attacks. A 9HP tank on a city going down it one shot: painful stuff.

Skipping forward to Day 14 as, now thinking about grabbing Grit's HQ, I take down the second rocket launcher.

Day 15. Grit's medium tanks are a bit pants, really.

Day 17. Arty and tank continue to whittle away at the damaged middie, while APC decoys carrying mechs go in for the kill on the final rocket launcher and the HQ.

Day 21, and victory. Apologies to Sockerbagarn for only being able to score a B rank this time, but screw it, it's Advance Campaign and I am not in this for S ranks. Next time on Advance Campaign...

Eight B copters. Eight.

... Eight.