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Part 68: Advance Campaign Mission 5: Max's Folly? AC

Advance Campaign Mission 5: Max's Folly? AC (or "Max vs. Grit: Round 4")


Short and sweet this time round - perhaps unsurprising, given that this mission can't last longer than five days. Joining me are ScotchDK, Sylphid and alcharagia (sorry if he sounds a bit weird, it's kinda my fault - I couldn't hear him over Skype, so I asked him to turn his mic volume up - which messed with his Audacity volume a fair bit. Hopefully it sounds acceptable) for the first triple-guest video (figures it'd be the shortest video so far... ).

This map isn't too different from the original - Max starts with one less medium tank and light tank, so it's harder to just brute force our way around this time. Grit gets a couple of artillery upgraded to rockets, a tank upgraded to a middie, and Max's mechs are downgraded to infantry. Other than that, everything's the same - even the ol' "survive for five days" time limit.

Since Max doesn't quite have as many tanks as before, we'll be relying on his wonky indirects a bit more for the first couple of turns. Luckily, he's deployed in such a way that we don't really care so much about Grit's two-square advantage over him. After those first couple of turns, Max's rockets will join his APC in distracting Grit from the tanks during Snipe Attack. Meanwhile, the tanks do their usual charge upfield and, aided by infantry, take down Grit's attempt to snaffle that HQ.

Sweet, sweet comeuppance as Max's rockets draw first blood.

Aaand the traditional "everything else moves up" pic.

Looks like the sweatdrop is on the other foot ... or, er, something.

Day 2, and I continue using Max's weaknesses as a perverse sort of strength. Taking that medium tank out with rockets, arty and infantry serves a purpose, though...

... it means I can move one of these light tanks a square further south, onto the square that the middie was occupying. I finish off a rocket launcher with the other light tank.


But Grit wastes his Snipe Attack by targetting the APC and Max's two rocket launchers in a combination of and the AI indirects always liking to target the enemy indirects first. Even when playing against Max.

Max responds.

Oh boy does Max respond. The extra movement point from Max Force came in really handy here.

Grit starts capping our HQ.

We'll be having none of that.

From here there's not much to do but show off some classic Max middie mauling.

Final day, and I clear out the other infantry unit for good measure.

And there we go! First S-Rank of Advance Campaign, albeit one that you can't really not get assuming you can beat the mission. I earn 24 coins for my trouble, and hit Opal Hare.

Moving on to Olaf's Navy! AC, and I'm sure no-one'll object to me using Max here (let's face it, I'll probably want to use Max as much as is feasible from here on out). Similar to the original, but I count at least one more artillery and medium tank (possibly an upgraded tank?) from my initial bits of scouting in the video. This is our first encounter with Fog of War in AC, so it's hard to know exactly what's out there, but hopefully it won't be too awful. Orange Star, meanwhile, is down an infantry, a recon and a light tank - pretty much par for the course by now. See you next time!