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Part 100: Advance Campaign Mission S9: The Final Battle! Part 2! AC

Advance Campaign Mission S9: The Final Battle! Part 2! AC (or "Bill Bombers" or "Tragedy" or "How to plan a banana.")


Joining Sockerbagarn for this one are, again, Slur and myself - and, of course, Blue Moon's little-known head of Strategic Air Command. I'll let Socker take it from here:

"Whew! This took quite a bit longer to arrive than it should have but it's finally here, my last video for the thread. So far we've already seen some great progress being made into beating Sturm in part 1 but now comes the tricky part — if you're hunting that S-rank.

"Sturm has not been forced back beyond the river yet but his offensive is all but defeated. As soon as Max comes swinging in from the flank Sturm will no longer be able to reinforce his assault and his units will be easy pickings as they are cut off. It won't take long before we have pushed the fighting to his side of the map, but that's where it gets easy to mess up. Allowing yourself to be bogged down in the choke point is not an option, if you get hit by a meteor there it'll set you back an awful lot. The key is of course to sacrifice units elsewhere, and to keep up the aggression.

"Max is definitely the best god damn CO ever for smashing the front, with his direct combat bonus you'll be able to overrun the choke point with fewer units than if you were using a lesser commander. As a bonus, since you're bringing fewer units to the choke it'll also make it cheaper for you to distract Sturm's meteors, just a few of Eagle's remaining aircraft should do it. Sturm will probably have too much anti-air in his base for them to be any useful at the moment anyway.

"When you've breached the choke the clean-up step begins and the game almost turns into some kind of mix between a jigsaw- and a box sliding puzzle. You need to figure out which units to attack with where to maximize the amount of killing blows you can deliver, any little tiny mistake can set you back an entire day. Hope you brought a well balanced force that can deal both with his ground units and any planes he might build!

"Still, I don't felt like the time limit for an S-rank was very strict on this mission, but I have to admit that the COs I brought to this mission made my job all that much easier. Without Max and Eagle it's quite possible that this would've been a much tougher fight.

"Sit back, relax and get ready for some riveting commentary as we kick Sturm's ass for the final time. There's only one question that remains, how perfect is that S-rank going to be?"

And there we have it! The good news is, although it's been a long wait for this update, the second half of Rivals! should be just around the corner - all I need to do is upload the video to YouTube, which I can probably do overnight. We're nearly there, guys!