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Part 17

Who likes buttons?

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Chapter 4-B is home to the second set of Mario warp pipes, only you can't access it in the PC version because one of the panels you have to activate doesn't work. But this just serves for me to show off the Xbox version, so who cares!

There are a total of six panels you have to activate on the Seeker Destroyer to access the warp pipes. Four are buried beneath conduits that you have to blow up with a couple of grenades or a good solid punch, and the other two are out in the open and out of the way (slightly). The first is in a conduit next to the start, the second in a conduit near the extending bridges, and the third up on a high ledge in between those extending bridges. [ 1 ]

The fourth is inside an alcove underneath the game's most worthless Seeker Turret. And finally, the fifth and sixth are inside conduits to the side of the extending bridge that you have to activate. The door at the other end of the bridge should open, and inside should be the pipe. [ 3 / 4 ]

To add insult to injury, you can't even enter the pipe through cheating in the PC version. I wonder if they intentionally tried to remove it or if they had no clue they'd screwed it up.

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