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Part 110: Chapter 110

Glazius posted:

We need to look elsewhere for something soft, yeah. They wouldn't just give us a vase that we couldn't safely put down when we first found it!

...would they?

You look at the rest of this game and tell me.

Glazius posted:

Maybe we need to kneel or lie down and then drop the vase?

Let's give that a shot.


That's not a verb I recognise.

What do you want to sit on top of?

You can't go that way.

>lie down
I didn't understand that sentence.

Well, ever since he lost his knees in the war...

(My favorite is "sit on floor" = "you can't go that way", although I think that's Inform's fault, not something from the original game.)

CaptainCaveman posted:

>Take All
>Put all but lamp in vase


>get all
brass lantern: Taken.
fresh batteries: Taken.
small bottle: Taken.
dwarvish axe: Taken.
black rod with a rusty star on the end: Taken.
wicker cage: Taken.

>put all but lamp in vase
wicker cage: The vase is too fragile to use as a container.
black rod with a rusty star on the end: The vase is too fragile to use as a container.
dwarvish axe: The vase is too fragile to use as a container.
small bottle: The vase is too fragile to use as a container.
fresh batteries: The vase is too fragile to use as a container.


Misty Cavern

Okay, so we're back in the Misty Cavern. Note that we leave this room to the west to go to the alcove (where we go east to go to the tight passageway).

Lolance posted:

Back to Bedquilt where we tried to nap!

Lets drop the vase there.

Seriously; it can't go wrong, can it?

That sounds like an absolutely foolproof plan to me!



Oriental Room

You can see a few recent issues of "Spelunker Today" here.


In Swiss Cheese Room



>drop vase
The ming vase drops with a delicate crash.

[Previous turn undone.]


Bedquilt, of course, is the name of this area of caves. Which is not to say there isn't a bed and/or a quilt somewhere in here. It just isn't in this room.

To cheer you up after the failure of your plan, here's a story about Bedquilt from a 1991 caver mailing list post:


Winter before this last one, Tommy Brucker, Roger McClure, and a third person were returning through Bedquilt from a trip deep into the system to the north. From the Hall of the Mountain King, you climb up into the 1871 Passage (Hall of Mists) and then up a hole into a narrow canyon that leads from the Orange Formation Room (Bird Room). That hole is somewhat a tricky climb and, while suspended in space in it, Roger noted a copperhead snake on the ledge to his right. (Was it The Snake, up from the Hall of the Mtn. King?) The snake struck at him repeatedly, but the snake was lethargic from the cold and Roger's clothes protected him. Tommy was already up the climb, and searched around for something to do. He found a stick (The Magic Wand?) and used it to fend off the snake. Never a dull moment.

So where to now, folks? In the immediate vicinity, we have "obvious" passages from the Swiss Cheese room to the east, south, and west. And exploring randomly from Bedquilt (ugh) to the north, south, and up. As usual, that may not be everything, but it's some of the obvious stuff.