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Part 112: Chapter 112

CaptainCaveman posted:

Put vase in treasure chest

That is a very clever idea.


>put vase in chest
That can't contain things.


It doesn't work. This is why I kind of hustled you guys past the chest when we found it, because it annoys me that it isn't implemented as a container.

Xenoveritas posted:

As I recall, Zork had a similar easily breakable item, but would actually accept something like that. Sort of.

And immediately replace it with "drop."

Thankfully, (as I recall) they didn't actually make the item break if you dropped it.

Are you thinking of the clockwork canary? I don't recall trying that on it, but that would be interesting.

Alright, folks, so what next? We can go exploring some more, or we can try other ways of putting this vase down. Or something else.