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Part 141: Chapter 141



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>give vase to troll
The troll catches your treasure and scurries away out of sight.

[Your score has just gone down by five points.]



>cross bridge

On NE Side of Chasm
You are on the far side of the chasm. A northeast path leads away from the chasm on this side.
A rickety wooden bridge extends across the chasm, vanishing into the mist.

A sign posted on the bridge reads, "Stop! Pay troll!"
The troll is nowhere to be seen.

Looks like the vase got us across. Not much of a choice about where to go here, so let's continue.



In Corridor
You're in a long east/west corridor. A faint rumbling noise can be heard in the distance.


At Fork in Path
The path forks here. The left fork leads northeast. A dull rumbling seems to get louder in that direction. The right fork leads southeast down a gentle slope. The main corridor enters from the west.


Where to now, folks?