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Part 165: Chapter 165

President Ark posted:

Wear our new bling!


>wear chain
You can't wear that!

Come on, it's the seventies. We should be able to pull this off.

Jazzimus Prime posted:

Now that he's unchained, let's try

>take bear


It's just crazy enough to work!


>get bear
Ok, the bear's now following you around.

Holy shit, it really was crazy enough to work!

Spookydonut posted:

Since we can't drop the vase, we should use it for the first trip over the bridge.

Then when we return over the bridge we should use the eggs so we can get them back.

Or if we can give the eggs to the troll, backtrack to where they teleport to, pick them up, and go over the bridge with the eggs.

We can try that, but since we just made some progress in this post, I won't reset immediately until people have a chance to follow up on it.