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Part 168: Chapter 168

CaptainCaveman posted:

Clearly we must deposit the bear in the well house.

I can't see a single problem with that plan.


>get bear
Ok, the bear's now following you around.

Just as you reach the other side, the bridge buckles beneath the weight of the bear, which was still following you around. You scrabble desperately for support, but as the bridge collapses you stumble back and fall into the chasm.

Oh dear, you seem to have gotten yourself killed. I might be able to help you out, but I've never really done this before. Do you want me to try to reincarnate you?

Wait, I think I found one. I know you guys are going to want me to restore, but let me show you what happens if you don't.


> y
All right. But don't blame me if something goes wr......

--- POOF!! ---

You are engulfed in a cloud of orange smoke. Coughing and gasping, you emerge from the smoke and find that you're....

Inside Building
You are inside a building, a well house for a large spring.

You can see a small bottle (which is empty), a jeweled trident, a wicker cage (which is closed) (in which is a little bird), a glistening pearl, some precious jewelry, some diamonds, a treasure chest and some bars of silver here.

[Your score has just gone down by twenty points.]

Aaaand skipping ahead a bit.


Large Low Room
You are in a large low room. Crawls lead north, se, and sw.


Sloping Corridor


On SW Side of Chasm

The wreckage of the troll bridge (and a dead bear) can be seen at the bottom of the chasm.

> x bridge
The wreckage is too far below.

>x bear
The wreckage is too far below.

This is one of the few unwinnable states, too. We've trapped one of the treasures on the other side of the bridge, along with at least one tool we still need.

So, all in all, it's a good thing none of that happened!



Please supply a filename for restore