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Part 182: Chapter 182

Avenging_Mikon posted:

Take the pillow!

And eat it.

Right now, I am trying to kill you with my mind. I am trying very hard. Please let me know if you experience any discomfort.


>get pillow

>eat pillow
That's plainly inedible.

Without a second thought, you sit yourself in a corner and tear into the pillow with your teeth. It takes a few minutes to get past the outer covering, but once you do, you experience a delicious surprise: the pillow has a chocolate center! After a few minutes of contented munching, you've devoured the tasty treat. You lean back against the curtained wall and enjoy the feeling of having a full belly for the first time in quite a while. Adventuring is hard work, and the floor here is so soft. It's so peaceful here... so pleasant. It can't hurt to take a break for a few minutes, can it? Maybe you'll just close your eyes. Just for a second...

You are awakened by a loud crashing sound. Sometime during your impromptu nap, the ming vase has slipped out of your grasp and smashed itself against one of the few unprotected areas of wall. You scramble to your feet, but your left leg buckles under you; by some freak chance one of the razor-sharp shards of pottery has managed to puncture something in your thigh. You're no medical expert, but that level of blood flow can't be good for your continued health and well-being. You limp over to your lantern and, just as you pick it up, it crackles and goes out. The batteries must have gone while you were asleep.

You grope around for the exit, but you're already feeling lightheaded from blood loss and, in the dark, you can't seem to find the way out. You sink to the floor again. Maybe you'll just rest a moment to regain your strength. After all, it's so peaceful here... so pleasant...

In Soft Room
[Previous turn undone.]