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Part 186: Chapter 186

Through the magic of save states, I will show you the results of that:


>drop all but lamp
small bottle: Dropped.
set of keys: Dropped.
black rod with a rusty star on the end: Dropped.
dwarvish axe: Dropped.

Something you're carrying won't fit through the tunnel with you. You'd best take inventory and drop something.

>drop lamp


Plover Room
You're in a small chamber lit by an eerie green light. An extremely narrow tunnel exits to the west. A dark corridor leads northeast.

There is an emerald here the size of a plover's egg!

>get emerald

[Your score has just gone up by seven points.]




It is pitch dark, and you can't see a thing.


So it looks like the light isn't coming from the emerald, for better or worse.