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Part 195: Chapter 195

Heffer posted:

Dragons are like big snakes right? BIRD! Take action!

Glazius posted:

Yeah, see what our bird friend has to say.

We don't have the bird with us, but let's see.



Secret E/W Canyon Above Tight Canyon


Hall of the Mountain King

Looks like the dragon is okay with us running away like chickens. But we'll show them what chickens can do! Or canaries. Or... whatever.


Inside Building
You are inside a building, a well house for a large spring.
A solid golden chain lies in coils on the ground!

You can also see a set of keys, a large gold nugget, an emerald the size of a plover's egg, a ming vase, a velvet pillow, a nest of golden eggs, a selection of rare spices, a jeweled trident, a wicker cage (which is closed) (in which is a little bird), a glistening pearl, some precious jewelry, some diamonds, a treasure chest and some bars of silver here.

>get cage


Gonna open a cage full of whup-ass, I tell you what.


Secret E/W Canyon Above Tight Canyon


Secret Canyon

A huge green fierce dragon bars the way!
The dragon is sprawled out on the Persian rug!

>open cage
(releasing the little bird)
The little bird attacks the green dragon, and in an astounding flurry gets burnt to a cinder. The ashes blow away.