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Part 45: Chapter 45

Glazius posted:

Eat the food. We're probably pretty hungry right now, and if not now, then we will be after we finish toting that silver around.

Yeah, all this dwarf fighting will probably make an adventurer pretty peckish.


>eat food

Mmm! And surely that didn't just make the game unwinnable or anything!

...oh, wait.


Low N/S Passage
[Previous turn undone.]

Pester posted:

Free chirpy! And ditch the cage, since apparently nobody wants to use it like a purse.


>open cage
(releasing the little bird)
The little bird flies free.

>drop cage

Fly free, little dude. Enjoy the open a... the deep dark cave!

(The bird did not disappear; he is still hanging out here.)


>get bars

[Your score has just gone up by seven points.]

Hooray, we are scoring points! Well, since this room is a passageway with no other real exits, let's continue going north.



At "Y2"
You are in a large room, with a passage to the south, a passage to the west, and a wall of broken rock to the east. There is a large "Y2" on a rock in the room's center.

A hollow voice says, "Plugh."



Adventure: Behind the Parser

Y2 is another real room.

I'll talk more about those fine fellows at the end of this LP when I discuss my sources for these little behind-the-scenes infodumps.

The Y2 marker is part of a cave survey. Surveys take measurements of the interior of the cave so that it can be accurately mapped. The survey is often given a alphabetical designation, and then each point on the survey has a numerical one. So this room was the second point on the "Y" survey - Crowther was apparently on the team that conducted that survey, which might explain why he selected this room to represent in the game. The markings are usually made with soot from the flame of a carbide lamp. (Our faithful brass lantern is not a carbide lamp, unfortunately.)