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Original Thread: And now, a game from our sponsors... Let's play advergames!



Video games are a modern medium unparalleled for interaction; never before has the audience been able to control a narrative so fluidly. But, like all media before it, video games can be used to serve marketing bologna in unprecedented ways. While Super Mario is collecting rings and stealing cars, paradigms can be shifted, markets can be targeted, and Nielsens can be analyzed.

We are going to be taking a look at some of the more flagrant culprits of "advergaming". To avoid a philosophic debate on whether or not all video games are advertising/promoting something for money, I'll note that our "criteria" is a game meant to promote a product or a quick, lazy cash-in on some franchise (Though we're a bit fast and loose with what games we'd consider to be an "advergame"). Some are fondly remembered, others... not so much.

I'm commentating with my two bestest buddies in the world, DiaperMan and Anthony. Diaper and I both have accounts here on SA and will take turns playing through the games on our "Corporate Agenda". We come off as abrasive at first, but all three of us have hearts of gold. Our commentary style is just three chums playin' some games.

1 - Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool P1: The Unfoolablesblip.tvYoutube
2 - Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool P2: Sky Chase Zoneblip.tvYoutube
3 - Super Trix: AHHRRGGHHHblip.tvYoutube
4 - Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings P1: The Ugly Americanblip.tvYoutube
5 - Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings P2: All that glitters...blip.tvYoutube
6 - Welcome to My Underground Lair/Oh Behave!: The spy who aged poorlyblip.tvYoutube
7 - Avoid the Noid (DOS): Some Noids just want to watch the pizza burn.blip.tvYoutube
8 - Captain Crunch's Crunchling Adventure: Mom knows best.blip.tvYoutube
9 - The California Raisins: The Grape Escape: A raisin in the fun.blip.tvYoutube
10 - Universal Theme Parks Adventure P1: It's a wild wild wild wild west.blip.tvYoutube
11 - Universal Studios P2: Hollywood magic.blip.tvYoutube
11 Bonus - Universal Studios Bonus: 40,000 
12 - Taco Bell's Tasty Temple Challenge: U grandsonin' COOL !blip.tvYoutube
13 - Barbie: Groovy Games: Losing my religion.blip.tvYoutube
14 - Chex Quest P1: Chex yourself before you wreck yourself.blip.tvYoutube
15 - Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators: Robot computer bad guys.blip.tvYoutube
16 - Cool Spot P1: Spottin' like menses, I dunno whatever.blip.tvYoutube
17 - CHOMP! The Gummi Savers: Mambas aren't real.blip.tvYoutube
18 - Cool Spot P2: Uncoola.blip.tvYoutube
19 - Hooters Road Trip: I left my heart in Jacksonville... (probably not a great idea to watch from work)blip.tvYoutube
20 - Cool Spot P3: Revenge and 7up are best served cold.blip.tvYoutube
21 - Playboy: The Mansion: Angel is the centerfold. blip.tvYoutube
22 - Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest P1: Maps, they don't love you like I love you.blip.tvYoutube
23 - Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest P2: Ball-return Pattiblip.tvYoutube
24 - The Coca Cola Kid: Soup for dessert.blip.tvYoutube
25 - Pepsi Invaders but we pretend it's Pepsi Man instead: One joke more than usual.blip.tvYoutube
26 - Pepsi Man P1: Tragedy + time.blip.tvYoutube
27 - Pepsi Man P2: Michael McJordanblip.tvYoutube
27 Bonus - Pepsi Man Cutscenes Minus Jerks Youtube
28 - The 13th Annual Edition of the Spook-tacular Halloween Episode of Men Trick-or-treatin': Bram Stoker's Draculerblip.tvYoutube
29 - Sonny's Race for Chocolatey Taste: Bloomin' Onion.blip.tvYoutube
30 - Little Caesars Fraction's Pizza - Go girl, get to know it.blip.tvYoutube
Final Episode - Advergames Cheers & Jeersblip.tvYoutube

Feel free to suggest, these are in no particular order.

OnDiscDLC gives a peek into the LP Studio, off-hours.

A good poster shows us what John "Corky Romano" Romero does inbetween Daikatana sequels.

Entity411 provides some visualization to any Taster out there who plans on capitalizing on one of the many costume ideas thrown out during Draculer.
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