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Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut

by Mr. Sunabouzu

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Original Thread: Mr. Leatherhoff needs his pills! Let's Play Afraid of Monsters


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What is Afraid of Monsters?
Afraid of Monsters: Directors Cut is a horror mod for Half-Life 1 made by a group of modders know as Team Psykskllar. It was released on halloween of 2007. I want to Lp this mod because the same group of modders is making a new horror mod for hl1 called "Cry of Fear" and i'm totally excited for it. Lets start of with some quick info taken directly from their website about the game.

"You play a guy named David, who is a drug-addict. He can no longer stand it out, so he decides to seek help at a hospital. When he's there, as addicted he is, he goes into a restroom and takes some more pills. But this time, it goes very wrong. From the pills you take, you start to experience hallucinations, and those hallucinations are your enemies. But you can't stop take the pills, because then you will die."

Ok so the writing isn't exactly up to Shakespearian quality. The actual gameplay of the mod is very fun however. There are 4 different endings attainable, in this LP I will be showcasing all 4. It can actually get kind of scary at points and there is very little ammo along with a limited flashlight battery.

How are will you go about playing this?
Since there are 4 different endings, I'm going to let the audience decide what ending we get first (with the exclusion of the "good" ending). Also, I have modded the game to fully replenish the flashlight battery with every pickup unless you guys like black screens. With that said let's begin.


Intoduction Viddler Youtube
Hospital Part 1 Viddler Youtube
Hospital Part 2 Viddler Youtube
Hospital Part 3 Viddler Youtube
City Part 1 Viddler Youtube
City Part 2 Viddler Youtube
City Part 3 Viddler Youtube

Part 1 Viddler Youtube
Part 2 Viddler Only
Part 3 Viddler Youtube
Part 4 Viddler Youtube
Part 5 Viddler Youtube
Part 6 Viddler Youtube
Part 7 Viddler Youtube
Part 7 Viddler Youtube
Part 8 Viddler Youtube
Part 9 Viddler Youtube
Ending #2 Viddler Youtube

Left Path
Part 1 Viddler Youtube
Part 2 Viddler Youtube
Part 3 Viddler Youtube
Part 4 Viddler Youtube
Ending #1 Viddler Youtube

Key Path

Part 1Viddler Youtube
Part 2Viddler Youtube
EndingViddler Youtube

Good Ending Path

Part 1 Viddler Youtube
Ending #4 Viddler Youtube

Ending Synopsis's

Ending 1:  David wakes up in a house, surrounded by corpses. The police are outside and he is arrested. 

Ending 2:  David is shown being questioned by a police officer. He does not remember what he did during his drug-induced haze. Poor David. 

Ending 3:  The camera shows a newspaper with the headline 'psychotic killer claims over 27 victims'. David is shown in his cell, dead. He has hanged himself. 

Ending 4:  David is shown lying on an hospital bed. He has just barely survived a drug overdose. 

Penultimate Puzzle:

watch this video first!

In order to actually be able to get ending 4, you need to find every note in the game. This is actually impossible unless you go through the other 3 endings first. Now that we have all the notes, we have to assemble them and get the code that unlocks the door.

Here's a helpful collage I made in photoshop in case you haven't been keeping track of the notes:

Here it is in text form as well:

e. - 23
0 - 16
g - 27
F - 26
M - 12
i - 49
v - 2
- 45
r - 4
e - 32

The note just outside the code room said "A code of 10 numbers. Is it worth it?" That's all the hints the game gives you, but because i'm nice i'll give you a few more!

Hint 1  The code spells something out. 

Hint 2  The code spells out a phrase 

Hint 3  What does David need more than anything? 

Answer to puzzle:

 Forgive me (26, 16, 4, 27, 49, 2, 32, 45, 12, 23) 

Bonus Content

Menu Music- I don't know why but I find it creepy and comforting at the same time.

Credits Music - This song totally rocks

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