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by Frankomatic

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Original Thread: Space Terrorism in the name of Freedom! Let's Play Air Fortess. (VLP)


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The planet Farmel was a peaceful land full of peaceful inhabitants and peaceful... peace. Then one day a series of robotic Air Fortresses of Doom blockaded the planet, confounding the peaceful inhabitants with the illogical nature of calling themselves Air Fortresses in a place with no air to speak of and soundly subjugated them. They ruled with iron fists for ages by not really doing anything directly evil to the planet until one man, Hal Bailman (code number 82592) donned a completely hideous space suit, boarded a craft smaller than he himself was, and took off into space with one purpose and one purpose alone: the destruction of the malevolent yet lazy masters, the Air Fortresses.

I may have taken a few liberties, but that is the basic story behind Air Fortress, an older game for the Nintendo Entertainment system. It is a blend of a scrolling shooter and a... walking... shooting... platformer kinda thing. I don't really know what to call the second part, but it's different! Known for being difficult and... being difficult, I've decided to challenge myself with this game from my past. Can I do it? Will it make me cry like a little girl? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the days to come!

Hal's ship has the following abilities in the scrolling stages:

- Capable of firing BULLETS with which to SMITE YOUR ENEMIES.
- Explodes in one hit.
- Can collect energy and bombs for Hal to use in the walking stages.

Hal himself has the following abilities in the other sections:

- A gun with which to shoot!
- His gun can also shoot bombs, which explode on impact!
- He has a jetpack, and can move in any direction!
- He loses energy not only from being hit, but from moving around.
- His energy refills to its current maximum when he stands still. The max only drops if he's injured by an enemy.

Using these skills, Hal's mission in each stage is twofold: Bust through the enemy defenses on his air sled thingamabob and infiltrate the fortress. Once inside, he must locate the Power Core and destroy it, and then find his air sled thingamabob and escape before the Air Fortress self destructs. So, basically, we're committing acts of terrorism against robots for FREEDOM! :salute:

Note that unlike most of my previous threads, this will not be updated daily. I'll try to get at least one or two videos a week though. This game gets ridiculously hard after the first few fortresses, so it'll probably take me a few goes for each one to get a good recording in. Now, let's get on with the show!


Video One: Hal gets his first taste of combat. And is smashed in an elevator thing for several seconds for his trouble.VimeoYouTube
Video Two: Hal takes a lot of bullets for the cause.VimeoYouTube
Video Three: With Bigger Numbers comes Bigger Difficulty.VimeoYouTube
Video Four: Special Flashback Inducing Edition.VimeoYouTube
Video Five: No fucking bombs ever.VimeoYouTube
Video Six: I think this is what my personal hell is going to be.VimeoYouTube part 1 YouTube part 2
Video Seven: How to make your good game into a hellish nightmare of no return.VimeoYouTube part 1 YouTube part 2
Video Eight: Stay tuned after the ending for a bonus!VimeoYouTube part 1 YouTube part 2 YouTube part 3
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