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Alice in Wonderland

by FredMSloniker

Part 22: In which Alice achieves her life-long dream, or at least her dream of a few days.

Six o'clock. He must have left promptly at six. At least I didn't miss him by five seconds... but now I have ten hours to kill.

Well, look at the bright side. You won't be alone this time. Now what can we do for ten hours?

They just keep coming! Where are they all coming from? know, after the first five minutes or so, it's actually kind of soothing.

...I guess you really can get used to anything.

Buhwha? What's that noise? Oh, it's quiet. Oh! Alice! Alice, wake up, it's four o'clock!

Uh? Oh! Finally!

Made it! Wait, what do I do now?

He didn't actually take your cricket bat before. Give it to him again.

I do? He didn't drop anything.

Check your inventory.

All right... oh! There's something different about my key!

It is a large iron skeleton key.

I'm not sure what, exactly, though.

Well, the game describes it as 'The Queen's Key' now.

Hooray! I'm actually, finally a Queen! Now I can escape from Wonderland! ...uh, how can I do that, exactly?

Mindbleach posted:

That cravat looks like it would be useful in getting out of the hole you came in by. You can't fly out of it, but is there anything stopping you from climbing out of it?

No, that's not the answer; the cravat can't create a rope taller than the screen, so we wouldn't be able to reach all the way to that hole with it. Anyway, if that was the answer, we wouldn't have had to get the key.

There is one door I haven't tried. The answer must be behind it!

Let's get going! I'll cue up some running fast music.

Live and learn! Hanging on the edge of tomorrow!
Live and learn! From the works of yesterday!
Live and learn! If you beg or if you borrow!
Live and learn! You may never find your waaaay!

Uh, I'm, uh, here now...

Hey, whoa, whoa, oh yeeeeeeeeah! know. Any time you're done... 'rocking out'.

Oh. Heheh. Sorry.

Oooh, swanky.

I'm tempted to take a seat. You know, to bask in my regalness for a moment.

The Queen isn't here and neither am I.

Oh, you talk! ...of course you talk. So who are you, then?

A beryl throne.

No name? Huh. What are you doing here by yourself?

I was sent down from college for kicking the Provost's bench.

That brings to mind some... odd images.

Quiet, you. Now what do you mean, the queen isn't here?

But the queen isn't here. She went to the Bellman to have a key changed.

A hint for a puzzle we've already solved. Go us!

Is there anything else we need to do here?

Of course, this room is special. It had a color spread in Better Palaces and Gardens.

Don't think so. Onward!

All right. Thank you, Miss Throne!

I'm betting that ferret will steal my key if I give him the chance.

No bet. But it should be easy to reach that door.

Let me check the sign first.

This way to other throne room.

Oh, there's another throne room? Let's take a look.


That didn't happen.

Okay, if I get right under that rope and use the top hat at the right time, I can bypass the ferret. Here goes!

Hey, it's the White Rabbit! Haven't seen him in a while.

I wonder why he's blocking the path?

This is wonderful--no, spectacular. I had no idea I was talking to Queen Alice, or are you queen yet?

Yes. Yes I am. Are you the White Rabbit?

I like that. I was your friend in the old days.

You were no such thing! And anyway, I was just making sure.

I didn't mean it that way, your worshipfulness.

I've run into other rabbits who weren't who I thought they were is all.

I'm looking for another job. You might keep me in mind for general flunky.

Not right now, thank you. Now if you'll step aside so I can proceed...

Why do you have to rush off like that? We've barely had enough time to talk.

Thank you, but no. I must get out of here before the Red King wakes up.

I can't help it. This has been so exciting.

So what can I do to persuade you to step out of my way?

Such nobility. Such condescension. I'm overwhelmed. In fact, I feel faint. I wish I had my fan.

Oh! I still have that, don't I? Well, here.

The Red King will be so grateful when you're no longer inside his head.

The sentiment is mutual. At least he's cleared out.

We're so close I can almost taaaaaaste it.

But being caught by that ferret will ruin everything. I'll have to edge closer, then use the top hat just as he's moving away...

I did it!


Oh dear I'm going to be sick again... cold... dizzy... everything is pale...

Walk it off. Walk it off.

You can leave the way you came.

Isn't that what you said when I was here last?

He said it differently, though, I think.

Hail Queen Alice! You're almost home.

...that's right! I remember where this room is. I just go outside...

...and I can use the top hat to climb from here...

...and hop over there, and I'm free!

...I'm kind of scared. It's been such a hard journey, but it's about to be over. I haven't forgotten anything, have I?

Well, let's check your inventory to be sure.

A whisker, check. Used several times to make horizonal bridges.
A cravat, check. Only used twice, but vital nonetheless.
A paper crown, check. Needed that to get the key.
A seashell, check. We didn't technically need this, but we did make use of it.
The Queen's Key, big check. We needed that to get through the mirror into the ballroom.
A top hat, check. Many ascents made possible by this.
A parasol, check. Helped angle our falls across pits and ferrets.
An elixir, check. Ten of these left, thanks to savestates.
A cake, check. Eleven of these left, and that's no lie.

And I've learned five songs: "Crinkle, Crinkle", which I used to get a clue from the Red Queen; "Shut your beaks!", which I used to get into Looking-Glass Land; "Munch, Munch, Munch", which I used to get past the sheep selling boats; "God Save Queen Alice!", which I used to get the mutton to appear; and "Farewell, Mutton!", which I used to get the paper crown from it.

Looks like we don't have anything left we haven't used in some way. I'm ready when you are.

All right. Here goes...

Hooray! We did it!

Yay victory! And it's only day four! We could probably have done it in three days, but this is darn fast!

You made it in less than 15 days. I dub thee royal genius of the first rank. Five film producers want to do your life story.



High one.



...well. I guess our adventure is over, huh?

Yeah. I guess it is. It was good going back to my youth and having another look at this game.

I had fun too. I mean, obviously not all the time... but I'm glad I went. what happens now?

Well, I've been thinking about it. You've had a rough couple of days, largely because of me. I figure there's only one ending I can give you that'll really satisfy us both.

Oh? What's that?


You're welcome., uh, while I was at your computer, I saw this game called Kirby and, well...


...what do you taste like?