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Alice in Wonderland

by FredMSloniker

Part 5: Bonus update: Alice in motion.

As you can see, Alice doesn't walk any faster when large, but being small slows her down.

The same is true of running.

Small jumps are faster, but of course in terms of ground covered, bigger is better.

And again, being small makes crawls even crawlier. Not that there's ever a reason to crawl when small; no spaces in the game are that tight.

Being small also slows down descent by parasol, which makes sense.

However, size has no impact on how quickly Alice climbs...

...or falls...

...or swims, oddly enough...

...and it only makes my favorite animation in the game 40 milliseconds slower.

And no impact on the actual circling, er, stars graphic.

Preparing these images took longer than I thought it would (though I learned a bit about GIMP), so apologies for the small update. Next time, Alice's adventures resume!