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Alice in Wonderland

by FredMSloniker

Part 7: In which Alice raids a rabbit's den and gets nothing but blues and greens.

Hey, Alice, check it out! We got some fan art!

Really? Let me see.


So what do you think?

...I think it accurately captures the essence of my adventure so far.

I knew you'd like it.

...well, I'm feeling rested now. Let's take a look in the Rabbit's house.

Though I'm not sure why, since he left and all. It's not like I could give him his gloves even if I found them.

Hello? Is anyone home? Mister Rabbit? Mary Ann?

Hey, where do these stairs go?

They go up.

...what's so funny?

You wouldn't get it.

Oh, someone's home after all! ...well, I can see why he mistook me for her. Assuming that isn't the earlier apparition in a maid's outfit.

The master never tells me when he's having guests.

Hello there. What's your name, she said, praying for the right answer?

Mary Ann, the maid.

Oh good. Your master the White Rabbit mistook me for you, and he sent me here to fetch his gloves, only then he got upset and ran off, so I don't know how I shall deliver them to him. I don't suppose you know--

You like to babble so much that you must have been born in a brook.

How rude! I don't deserve that sort of treatment from the likes of you.

I didn't take the teacup. It's in the fireplace where the Mad Hatter left it.

I'm not even asking you about the teacup. I just want to know where the gloves are, and where the Rabbit is, and how to reunite the two!

I don't have time. The 'size' mushrooms keep growing back after I pick them.

I feel as though I'm not having the same conversation as she is.

Maybe you should calm her down.

All right. Excuse me, miss, but if you could take a deep breath and try to calm down, I really only need a simple--

I just want to be alone.

And she's gone. Do we need to call the prince?

No, we're good. We got everything we needed from her.

I hope you're right. I'm going to take a look at the room behind her.

It doesn't look like there's anything here.

Maybe there's a secret passage. Try going up those stairs and pushing on the wall.


You knew that was going to happen! Why do you abuse me so?

Because the crowd loves it. Didn't you see the fanart?

Seriously, though, I didn't know there wasn't a path there. Though I didn't think it likely. I think I know what this room is for, but it'll have to wait until later.

Fine. I'll just go back through that doorway I saw.

It's another dead end.

Not so fast. Mary Ann mentioned the fireplace. Take a look inside.

Why should I? It'll probably just drop me down a pit or something.

Would you rather I walked you into a wall for an hour or so? I can do that.

I'm going, I'm going. (My poor dress!)

Why, there's a secret passage behind the fireplace!

It's not the first time I've seen one of those.

I wonder where it leads?

It's so large. You'd think people would notice.

You talked to a dodo, a rabbit, and yourself not an hour ago, and this bothers you?

Point. Ah, the teacup! I was wondering if it was ever going to turn up.

It is a large blue teacup with a picture of bridges and willow trees on the sides.

I didn't see the gloves, though.

Don't worry about it. He probably had them in his pocket or something. Anyway, we've seen all there is to see in here.

You're right. I must find out how I'm to become a queen and escape Wonderland. I wonder what wonder I'll see next?

Well. I suppose this counts as a wonder.

Not the most wondrous, I admit, but you'd better get them. Looks like you can climb the chain.

I'm already on it.

It is a large china teapot stained from years of use.

I wonder what I'll need three teapots for?

I'm sure you'll find out.

Yay, it's a small yappy dog!

You must be using some definition of 'small' of which I was previously unaware. Uh, hello there?

Larch! Larch! Larch!

My name's Alice. What's yours?

Larch! Larch! Larch!

Can you speak? I'm trying to find--

Larch! Larch! Larch!

Apparently not. Just keep moving.

Quit telling me to do things that will hurt me!

Not until it stops being funny!

Well, I know how to get rid of this obstacle. And I could have figured it out even without that sampler. Here, boy! Fetch the stick!

And he vanishes without so much as a thank you. I'm making good time. I wonder what I'll run into next?


I think this is a good spot to take a break. Decision time, folks; do we venture skyward, or do we continue on at ground level?

The part I don't like about heights is the falling from them.