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Aliens: Colonial Marines

by Sundowner

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Original Thread: Let's all play BAD GAMES and whine about it!



About the game
Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first person shooter made by the lovely chaps at Gearbox and published by Sega. This much we know. What we don't know, however, is why the hell it was ever greenlit for release or even once considered a meaningful contribution to the Alien(s) franchise. Yes. That's right. Gearbox (and the 46 million other developers who worked on this game) were given the green light by 20th Century Fox to expound on actual Aliens lore and boy did they do a fucking terrible job. Corporal Hicks is back, alive and kicking, ships are all over the place, Wayland-Yutani are in full swing questioning the logic already established by the movies and novels from the franchise.

All in all this game is just a huge disservice to fans of the franchise and yet another disgusting cash in on movie licensing... so with that said... let's give them money and play it! Nothing like positive reinforcement of bad practices, right?

About the LP
This LP was made for the Bad Games thread wherein myself and a bunch of goons contribute LPs of a veritable pantheon of terrible games. This was just one of them, sectioned off and archived for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Some updates have post commentary, some have live commentary and some have guests!

Table of Contents

Part 01: YouTube (Regular commentary)
Part 02: YouTube (Regular commentary)
Part 03: YouTube (Live commentary)
Part 04: YouTube (Live commentary + random online co-op partner)
Part 05: YouTube (Regular commentary)
Part 06: YouTube (Co-commentary with Alchanii)
Part 07: YouTube (Regular commentary)
Part 08: YouTube (Co-commentary with JamieTheD)
Part 09: YouTube (Regular commentary)
Part 10: YouTube (Co-commentary with VoidBurger)

Multiplayer 1: YouTube (Live commentary)
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