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Alone in the Dark 3

by Nidoking

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Original Thread: Alone in the Dark 3 - I think this one's a Western with wolves and ghosts


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Let's Play Alone in the Dark 3!

What is Alone in the Dark 3?
The third entry in the Alone in the Dark trilogy obviously had nowhere left to go. The first game covered the zombie angle, with a haunted house, creepy atmosphere, and Cthulu-inspired monsters. The second one included every other cool thing in existence, like pirates, explosions, rescuing the little girl, and dressing up as Santa Claus to gun down enemies with a Thompson. So what elements could possibly make a worthy conclusion to the series?

Why, the only OTHER other cool thing in existence... cowboys!

It's horror meets spaghetti Western meets even bigger guns than ever before.

Oh, and there are werewolves too.

Alone in the Dark 3: Y'all come back now!

How will the LP be presented?
I'll be following Malorie's style of video playthrough with subtitled commentary. Due to differences between this game and the previous two, it takes much longer to make a video for this game. I don't anticipate being able to provide more than one update per week. However, I will get through this whole game, explain what few portions of it can be explained, and hopefully, entertain you in the process. I'll also grow to regret my decision to play on Expert difficulty.

Previous games, LPed by Malorie
Let's Play Alone in the Dark! - The thread for the first game, released in 1992!
Let's Play Jack in the Dark! (Filefront backup) - An almost, but not quite, unrelated teaser game for AITD2!
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And now, the final Alone in the Dark game that counts!
Part 1 - Welcome to Slaughter Gulch Viddler Veoh
Bonus video 1 - Message in a bottle Viddler Veoh
Part 2 - Jailhouse Rock (contains a key item) Viddler Veoh
Part 3 - Your recommended daily dose of voodoo Viddler Veoh
Part 4 - There Will Be Blood... and it will be green. Viddler Veoh
Bonus video 2 - April Fool's short - Locked doors are no obstacle! Viddler Veoh
Part 5 - It's not even a picture of a tunnel! Viddler Veoh
Part 6 - Not even the light grenade from Mom and Dad Save the World was this effective. Viddler Veoh
Bonus video 3 - The perils of voice acting Viddler Veoh
Part 7 - Looks like we're going to have to JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP! Viddler Veoh
Part 8 - Downstairs, upstairs Viddler Veoh
Part 9 - After the hoedown, let's go down to the showdown and throw down. Viddler Veoh
Bonus video 4 - Touring Slaughter Gulch on a few gold coins a day Viddler Veoh
Bonus video 5 - Play it again, Nido Viddler Veoh
Part 10 - The Truth about Dogs and Cats Wolves and Cougars Viddler Veoh
Part 11 - Cowboy Eddie cleans house Viddler Veoh
Part 12 - When violence fails, use chemistry Viddler Veoh
Part 13 - I was supposed to be rescuing Emily all along, right? Viddler Veoh
Finale - Trumping the supernatural with modern technology Viddler Veoh


Malorie notices a striking similarity to a classic game:

Lasher totally has this game's number:

ScotchDK makes even the most boring fights seem epic:

Herr Zwiebel honors the greatest weapon in Carnby's arsenal:

Finally, Cheese Bread puts the most absurd part of the game in perspective:

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