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Part 18: Meia Culpa

The idea of a game like this with branching paths is actually really cool and it's the kind of thing a sequel cou- oh...

Last time, we got the Power Glove and met the smuggest motherfucker this side of the entire goddamn universe. Oh and it's official: Giles is still a dick.

Speaking of that smug ass bastard, King Snow, the way to get his sword is to just die. A lot. In some versions, you can get it by having all 40 Life Vessels instead but doing it that way means you're never allowed to die. Sometimes. It's weird and arbitrary. The way getting it by dying works, is that when you die you can choose a Quick Restart or to go to the title screen; they're effectively the same thing as a Quick Restart boots you back to the last save you made but the game keeps a count of the amount of times you do it. Once you do it a random amount of times (around 16 normally; some people have had to go as high as 30 before), you'll get this instead of being told that you're not worthy;

King Snow: ...would be beyond heartless and cruel. You deserve to wield my blade. All I ask is that, when you draw it in battle, you fight with honour.

Ah, the Legend Sword... one of the two genuinely powerful weapons in the entire game. This one on its own is complete and utter overkill. It will one-shot any non-boss enemy without fail. Without Olga's Ring. With it, you've pretty much broken the entire game in two, and this is only a little past the halfway mark. It feels a lot further in, because timewise it is; there's 43 chapters/events within the game. This point is, as far as the game cares, still number 22 (referred to in-game as "Sybill's Exit").

Anyway, the sword is incapable of a Charged Attack but that doesn't even matter; the strongest weapon under normal circumstances has a Charged Attack... that deals less damage than the Legend Sword does. Oddly, the manual says that the Legend Sword has a Charged Attack for whatever reason. Dunno how they managed to screw that up, but they did.

Oh, and aside from this update we won't ever be using it for anything important. Only using it here because it makes no difference whatsoever for reasons that we'll see shortly. It'll be around in the occasional minor segment but that's basically it. Due to how insanely overpowered it is, it's basically back in King Snow's smug, dead hands until further notice.

This took me 14 Quick Restarts to acquire. Guess I'm just lucky like that.

Back in Inoa, Myra's just standing around, blocking the door, and being her general miserable old self. Septimus is doing the closest thing he can to lurking in the bushes... which would probably make more sense, since the bushes are closer to his home than that conveniently places mini-alleyway.

: ...and enter her dream. Let's do this before I lose my nerve.

With that, he just takes the plunge and goes to nag an old woman. ...Never thought I'd say that.

Myra: What do you want? Meia is sleeping. Come back later.
: Actually, Myra, I've come to speak with you about Meia. Is there some place private we could go to discuss this?
Myra: What? If you have something to say, say it to me now. I don't have time for your foolish games!
: No...not here. I promise it won't take long, Myra. I wouldn't ask you to speak privately unless it was truly of utmost importance. Please?
Myra: Fine! I'll go with you and hear your little secret! But what could you possible know that I don't? I'm the one who's living with her, caring for her needs, not you...

And they go into the bushes next to the house... sure, sure, why not? Let's see what they're talking about!

Okay, never mind then.

I can't get over how odd it is that Meia looks like she's ill at the moment. It's kinda weird, and almost makes you expect another nightmare level. In a sense, you do get one... only it's more of a personal nightmare of hers than an evil, murderous one.

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Everything that just happened there? That's pretty much everything you're ever going to learn about Meia. Yeah, she's made out to be a main character and she ends up less developed than most of the bit characters. Sure, she might end up doing something later and technically she's the closest thing to a lead female character, but how much has she actually done thus far? Saved a random dude who looks oddly like a palette swap of one of the miners, saved Myra, failed to do anything else other than whine about how its impossible to do anything else.

: ...I see. Her past is even more twisted than I suspected. At least we now know she's not our enemy. You look drained, Alundra. Perhaps you should rest...

I'm not entirely sure if he's joking or not, and I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't. Yeah.

Alundra is not convinced that Meia can be instrumental in the battle against the evil. As Alundra ponders how to get Meia to open up about her past, he falls into a deep sleep...

Next time: a magical seed (not to be confused with Magic Seeds) and the closest thing to a sewer level. Best part? It's not completely awful!