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American McGee's Alice

by DreamShipWrecked, grimlock_master, Miz Kriss

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Original Thread: Time to raise some havoc! Let's Play American McGee's Alice!



What is this game?
American McGee's Alice is a "dark reimagining" of the original Alice In Wonderland story, where Alice indirectly causes the firery deaths of her parents and is thrown into Rutlidges Insane Asylum, comatose. Years later she is reunited with her pet stuffed rabbit, causing her to spiral into a nightmare version of Wonderland where she must cut, stab, and burn her way back to sanity.

Who will be playing it?
I will be doing the actual playing, but I am happy to announce that we have our very own grimlock_master and Miz Kriss as co-commentators! They will be alternating sections, so each update will be labeled with their respective names. This will be a much more casual LP compared to my previous ones, far more tangential at least.

How will the updates go?
The plan right now is for one 10-15 minute episode to be put up every weekday.

What's the spoilers policy for this thread?
Since this is less of a plot-heavy story I don't mind people talking about things like weapon pickups, monsters, or symbology, but I ask that major plot points be at least spoiler tagged.


Episode 1: Snicker-snack!
Episode 2: Pepper Spray-based Superpowers
Episode 3: Back to Skool
Episode 4: The One Where We Fall A Lot
Episode 5: Extremely Dense Leaves

Miz Kriss
Episode 6: Extra Spicy
Episode 7: Twisty Turvey Branches
Episode 8: Smoking is Bad
Episode 9: White Goes First

Episode 10: Ill-advised Solo Career
Episode 11: Whateverwheel
Episode 12: Game Of Thrones
Episode 13: House Of Mirrors
Episode 14: Tweedle Deedle Dumb
Episode 15: Stopped Clock
Episode 16: Eye For An Eye
Episode 17: Journal (Part 1)
Episode 18: Journal (Part 2)
Episode 19: Even More Reading
Episode 20: Jumping Like Clockwork
Episode 21: Gamut
Episode 22: Happy Ending

Bonus Video: Weapons
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