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Original Thread: Can't Make an Omelette Without Stealing a few Eggs - Let's Play Amerzone



What is Amerzone?

Amerzone is a first-person adventure game in the style of Myst. Released in 1998, this game is the brainchild of Belgian comic artist Benoit Sokal. It's very much a dry run in game design, featuring the same esoteric fetchquest and lever-pulling puzzles that Myst was famous for, Amerzone makes up for it with raw creativity.

The story follows a nameless and silent journalist researching a story about Alexandre Valembois, a naturalist and explorer who visited the fictional Amerzone - an analogue to the Amazon with more fantastical creatures and ancient tribes. There's magic, there's adventure, and there are some stunningly beautiful images for their era.

What are you doing?

This is a narrative LP told through screenshots and videos of the game. I've noted in italics images that you can click to watch a short youtube clip of an in-game cutscene. Some of the cutscenes are really nice, and I highly recommend watching them.

Without any further ado, let's explore the Amerzone.

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