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Original Thread: A brutal masterpiece. - Let's Play Anarchy Reigns [VLP]



Let's Play Anarchy Reigns

Platinum Games makes the best beat 'em ups. There's no question about that. But one of their titles was sorely under-loved, and I intend to fix that. Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns is a 3d beat 'em up/hack n slash that takes Madworld's narrative themes and character, completely re-purposing them for a new universe. It's childish, humorous, action-packed, compelling, and even thought-provoking. I would even go as far to call it my second favorite Platinum game, right behind Metal Gear Rising. The game didn't fare so well in English markets because it's really weird and goofy and extremely Japanese. Who gives a shit though? I had a literal manic episode because I picked this game back up and started playing it again. You're going to sit through this rollercoaster and fuckin' like it. This game deserves someone unreasonably excited to show it off to its fullest.

I will be going for Platinum medals, nothing else will do. Also we're playing through all the missions of course.


Thank you for watching!

Intro text in case you can't read it:

A distant future finds the world in continued chaos.

International incidents between global powers quickly turned to international conflicts between global armies, and the full arsenal of atomic, biological, and chemical weapons assured the mutual destruction of those foolish enough to resort to their use. Terrorist acts in the name of deity and destitute soon exploded around the globe, and the very concept of peace was lost forever.

As emerging economies threw the hazardous byproducts of their success into the land, sea, and air, unknown illness and birth defects began to change humanity in unexpected, grotesque ways.

Humans found a way to survive.

Nanomachines could dramatically lower the naturally occurring rate of mutation, and developments in cybernetics provided a way to compensate for lost limbs and broken DNA.

However, even these advances could not drag the world out of anarchy. The rule of law had yieled to the supremacy of one's own greed.

In the ruined city of Altambra, two men arrive on different paths: A Chaser sweeping the area for a missing man, and a Sweeper chasing after a renegade traitor. For these two men, no plan is every straight-forward, and no path is ever traveled alone.
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