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Part 2: Day One- Page 1

Votes are unanimous.
Seems we are Miranda Carter, married to Michael Carter. That girl from Eternal Darkness!

Now that we know who we are, let's get started!

An interactive gothic by Michael S. Gentry

(Type HELP or ABOUT for some useful information.)

Release 5 / Serial number 990206 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7

Outside the Real Estate Office
A grim little cul-de-sac, tucked away in a corner of the claustrophobic tangle of narrow, twisting avenues that largely constitute the older portion of Anchorhead. Like most of the streets in this city, it is ancient, shadowy, and leads essentially nowhere. The lane ends here at the real estate agent's office, which lies to the east, and winds its way back toward the center of town to the west. A narrow, garbage-choked alley opens to the southeast.

As good a start as any. Alone under our umbrella in a town we, Miranda Carter, don't know. Great. Well, if Miranda is going to make this place home, let's take stock of what she has.

>look at self
You look good, considering. A bit rattled by recent events, perhaps, but well-poised and collected, all the same.

The rain slackens off momentarily to a weak drizzle, then returns afresh in a brief, freezing downpour.

You are wearing your wedding ring, your trenchcoat and your clothes; in addition, you have in your hand your umbrella.

The pockets of your trenchcoat are empty.

For now, they are. Miranda is a terrible kleptomaniac, as it all characters for adventure games. Why do you think she bought this trenchcoat? Given the chance, she'll be pocketing everything.

>look at ring

Staring at your wedding ring like that tends to make you sentimental.


>look at coat

You bought this coat during your honeymoon in England; it's a genuine London Fog. In addition to looking very cool, it has several deep pockets in which you can fit just about anything.

In the distance, you can hear the lonesome keening of a train whistle drifting on the wind.

Must be a train near by.

>Look at clothes

A tasteful ensemble from Ann Taylor in muted browns and olive greens (you've been an autumn person since you were old enough to match your own socks).

>look at umbrella

Olive green, with a hook-shaped handle. It's a handy little thing, when it rains. It's currently open.

Right, that's enough of that. We have a job to do. And that job is getting the keys to the Carter's new old house.

>look at office
The door has a glass front with the name of the real estate company -- Benson & Brackhurst -- stenciled across it. The blinds are drawn, the lights are off inside, and no one appears to be home. Odd, since the agent knew you were coming today.

Closed. Of course they are.

So, I need suggestions as to what we can do here. Exits are to the west, east (the office), and the south east. Also, what can we do while here?

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