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Part 3: Day One- Page 2

I forgot to do this earlier.

>look into door
Cupping your hands around your eyes and peering in, you can make out dim shadows in an empty office.

Seyser Koze posted:

The front must be glass for a reason. Smash it with our umbrella!

Well screw this door!

>hit door with umbrella
You're not here to vandalize the place.

Stupid door and it's appeal to authority!

>kick door
You're not here to vandalize the place.

In the distance, you can hear the lonesome keening of a train whistle drifting on the wind.

A sudden gust of wind blows a cold spray of rain into your face.

LashLightning posted:

East - maybe the door isn't locked?

Seems simple enough.

(opening the real estate office door first)
It seems to be locked.

Maybe we can wish out way in.

That's not a verb I recognise.

That's not a verb I recognise.

That's not a verb I recognise.


Maybe there's another way.

>look se
The alley lies southeast, and appears to lead around the side of the real-estate office.

Well, no one suggested it, but Miranda wants a look anyway.


This narrow aperture between two buildings is nearly blocked with piles of rotting cardboard boxes and overstuffed garbage cans. Ugly, half-crumbling brick walls to either side totter oppressively over you. The alley ends here at a tall, wooden fence.

High up on the wall of the northern building there is a narrow, transom-style window.

>look at window
It's about eighteen inches wide and a foot tall, with hinges along the top that allow it to swing out. It's currently closed.

>look at box
The boxes are filthy, slimy and soaked with rain.

>look at trashcan
The metal garbage cans are stuffed to overflowing with slowly decomposing refuse.

>look at fence
One of the boards seems to be loose down at the bottom; you could probably just squeeze through.

The rain slackens off momentarily to a weak drizzle, then returns afresh in a brief, freezing downpour.

>look at brick
It's just an ordinary-looking wall.

>open window
It's too high to open.

Problems everywhere.

So, what next, goons? Leave your suggestions in bold.