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Part 18: Day Two- Page 18

Seyser Koze posted:

Try all 60^3 possible combinations

Ha Ha!

Seyser Koze posted:

Actually, x Michael and see if he has anything that could be described as "the charm against the..." on his person.

That, Miranda can do.

>open doors
Michael is in the study, typing furiously at his laptop. As you walk in he looks up at you with a pained expression. "Can it wait?" he asks you. "I think I'm onto something really good here, and if I don't get it all out I'm going to lose it. If you don't mind, hon, I could really use the next hour or so to myself."

Not wanting to disturb him, you tiptoe out, shutting the doors quietly behind you.

Never-mind. That, Miranda can't do.
Once, Miranda interrupted Micheal's writing with a Tupperware party in the next room and she wasn't allowed a safe word that night.


I don't know if that's true.

Zoe posted:

Check out the attic I guess.

Later can we remember to go to the library and snoop to see what book Michael was reading? And if any newspaper clippings or general information on the Verlac family history can be looked up, then do that too. You can't just keep a creepy incest rape baby locked up in your attic in a small town without anyone ever noticing, believe me I've tried.

Keep reminding me about the library. There's good reason to see what Michael was reading.


Upstairs Hall

There is a cord dangling in mid-air here, right about level with your face.

>pull bob
With a rusty, ratcheting groan and a brief shower of dust, the trap door swings down and folds back, revealing a rickety wooden ladder leading up into darkness.

The ancient rungs creak alarmingly as you ascend.

It's much cooler up here than in the rest of the house, and you find it hard to suppress a shiver. Grotesque, looming shadows crawl across the low, slanted ceiling, and the dust hangs thick and motionless in the air. To the west the ceiling dips even lower until the space beneath leaves hardly room enough to crawl, while to the north stands a wooden door, draped in shadows and half-hidden by the slanting eaves.

>look at ceiling
You see nothing special above you.

Knowing this game, I wouldn't have been surprised if loot was stashed in the rafters like a Thief: Dark Project game.

>look at door
It's an ordinary wooden door, unremarkable except for the antique metal keyplate. Beneath the door, a thin line of faint light is barely visible.

>look under door
Dropping to your hands and knees and placing your eye close to the crack beneath the door, you can make out a dim light coming from somewhere up above, and a great deal of dust on the floorboards.


>look at keyplate
The keyhole is of the classic round-hole-atop-a-triangular-hole variety, the kind people are always peeping through in cartoons.

Fair enough. Let's look through it like in a cartoon.

>look into keyhole
The keyhole is dark, as though blocked by something.

Strange. Maybe one of the keys from the real-estate office opens this?

>unlock door
(first taking the keyring)
You go through all the keys on your keyring, trying each one in turn, but none of the keys seem to fit.

Well, shucks.




It is pitch dark, and you can't see a thing.

Um... We have a lantern, I think.

>take lamp

Grimwit posted:

>lite lamp
That's not a verb I recognise.

Striking Yak posted:

I may have found the cause of our lamp-lighting issue.


>light lamp
You don't have a match.


>put lamp in coat
You slip the lantern into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

The ancient rungs creak alarmingly as you descend.

Upstairs Hall

A rickety wooden ladder stands here, descending from a three-foot by three-foot square of darkness in the ceiling.

>close ladder
With a shriek of rusted springs, the ladder snaps back up into the attic. The trap door slams shut, the cord swings back and forth briefly, and then all is still.

Upstairs Landing


Your luggage is still here, spread out all over the foyer.

>search luggage
Honestly, you just can't muster enough motivation.

I guess this is like Miranda going over old items she's already "collected" from her home in Texas.

Now the Foyer has an East and West that leads into different rooms. Also...


Back Hall
A short hallway, connecting rooms to the east, west and south.

The Back hall has and east and west.

Each of these four rooms are pretty interesting.

I'll just tell you the rooms and you can vote on where we head next update.
1. Kitchen
2. Gallery
3. Dining Room
4. Sitting Room

Please choose and/or suggest in bold.


In Trenchcoat