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Part 19: Day Two- Page 19

Zoe posted:


After all this sleuthing we need a snack. Seems like a reasonable place to find some matches, too.

Seems about right.
The Kitchen is located West of the back Hall.

Back Hall
A short hallway, connecting rooms to the east, west and south.


Where once pots and skillets and various utensils hung in profusion, the kitchen walls are now merely ranks of dusty cabinets and a forest of empty hooks. Doorways lead east and south, a small pantry lies to the northwest, and the back door to the north leads out of the house.

Someone's flashlight is lying on the kitchen counter; one of the movers must have left it.

An odd feeling of gloom overtakes you momentarily, and you find yourself thinking about the Verlac family's personal effects -- the everyday mundanities, such as kitchen utensils. Were they thrown out, or donated to charity, or auctioned off as grisly souvenirs? What about the canned goods? Did anyone think to take them? The cabinets might even still be stocked. Morbidly, you wonder what Mrs. Edward Verlac might have been cooking for dinner the night her husband blew her head off.

This maybe a place of cooking and eating, but I've nick-named this room "The Armory."
The Kitchen is the best place to fill up on inventory items.

>Look at flashlight
It's battery-powered, and waterproof too, by the look of it.

The flashlight is currently switched off.

>put flashlight in coat
(first taking the flashlight)
You slip the flashlight into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

I'll show off a silly trick with this in a second.

>look at back door
It's just an ordinary-looking back door.

>look at cabinets
You can't see inside, since the cabinet is closed.

>open cabinets
The cabinets are not, after all, still stocked -- much to your relief. There's nothing in there but an old book of matches.

There are the matches everyone is talking about. Strange that you all seemed to know...

>look at matches
A label on the side reads, "Water-resistant matches. Strike on cover." There are six matches left.

Ah, but they are limited. Maybe Miranda should be sparing with using them. There isn't a store in town that sells matches.

>put matches in coat
(first taking the book of matches)
You slip the book of matches into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

>close cabinets
You close the cabinet.

What? It's Miranda's house and she wants to keep it tidy.

>open door
It seems to be locked.

>unlock door
You unlock the back door.

>put keys in coat
You slip the keyring into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

Hey, Scoob. Check out this kooky closet. Like, maybe there's some food inside!



>turn on flashlight
The flashlight emits a warm yellow beam.

The pantry is empty save for a layer of dust on the shelves. A door to the south leads down to the cellar, or you can return to the kitchen to the southeast.

Leaning in the corner is an old broom.

Wait a second...
Where IS the flashlight, exactly?

You are wearing a silver locket, your trenchcoat, your clothes and your wedding ring; in addition, you have in your hand a styrofoam cup, inside which is some cold, murky coffee.

The pockets of your trenchcoat contain a keyring, on which are two keys (a key to the house and a key to the cellar), a book of matches with six matches left, a flashlight (providing light), a lantern, a bundle of soggy pages, a towel, your umbrella, The Compleat Manual of Wardes and Seales, a jewelry box (which is closed), a typewritten notice, a flask (which is closed) and an old tin (which is closed).

That's right, the flashlight works, even if it's in the trenchcoat.
I'll just draw that as if it were one of those pocket flashlights like Harry Mason from Silent Hill uses.

>look at broom
It's just an ordinary-looking broom.

>take broom

Pretty soon, we're going to start juggling.
It hasn't become an issue as of yet, but Miranda can only hold Three items in her hands before having to drop something or putting it in her coat.

>put broom in coat
The broom is too long to fit in your pockets, deep though they are.

And, alas, Miranda's coat can't hold everything.

>look at door
It's just an ordinary-looking cellar door.

>open door
It seems to be locked.

>unlock door
(first taking the keyring)
You unlock the cellar door.

No points for this puzzle.

>put keys in coat
You slip the keyring into the pocket of your trenchcoat.

>look at shelves
They're just ordinary-looking shelves.



Mustn't waste the batteries.

>Turn off flashlight
You switch the flashlight off.


Alright, we have access to the back yard, now, and the cellar. I'll head there if you REALLY want to, but I imagine you'll want to clear out the first floor first.

We have left...
1. The Sitting Room.
2. The Gallery.
3. The Dinning Room.

This and any suggestions put in Bold.


In Trenchcoat