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Part 26: Day Two- Page 26

Zoe posted:

Look up William, and then...well I guess just go down the list and check all the rest of the Verlacs. Edward too if he's in there.

Thesaya posted:

I agree with this, and also look up that missing kid.

Alright. Miranda rolls up her sleeves and prepares for high impact dynamic researching!


Birth Records

It's pretty simple, honestly. Anchorhead files are...wanting.

>Look up Edward
(in the archives)
Edward Verlac: born April 26, 1960.

See, you don't really get much information.

>look up Julia
(in the archives)
Julia Ward: born May 4, 1964.

If just gives dates. Which is pretty lacking for files, if you ask me.


Courthouse Basement


Death Records

>look up Edward
(in the archives)
Edward Verlac: died March 14, 1997.

Oh yeah. It's 1997 in this game.
I need to find my Apex Twin albums and tear holes in my jeans. BrB.

>Look up Julia
(in the archives)
Julia Ward Verlac: died January 10, 1997.

So, with note book in hand, Miranda discovers the following information.

Edward----->4-26-1960 >>> 3-14-1997
Julia----->5-4-1964 >>> 1-10-1997
William----->6-22-1954 >>> 9-18-1958
Mordecai----->1-30-1886 >>> 4-26-1960
Elijah----->12-16-1802 >>> 1-30-1886
Heinrich----->10-18-1734 >>> 12-16-1802
Wilhelm----->3-11-1651 >>> 10-18-1734
Eustacia----->11-22-1634 >>> 4-8-1686
Croseus----->??? >>> 3-11-1651

Also, this happens when you look up Croseus's birth certificate.

>Look up Croseus
(in the archives)
You search in vain for a while before remembering that Croseus Verlac wasn't born in this country, and would therefore probably not have any birth certificate on record.

Eventually, after looking up enough death certificates, the game spells it out for you.

>Look up Heinrich
(in the archives)
Heinrich Verlac: died December 16, 1802.

You seem to be uncovering a pattern here; all these Verlacs seem to have lived to a ripe old age and then died on the very day the next one is born. The birth records are incomplete -- no parents are listed, and no cause of death is noted on the death records -- there's just not enough information here to draw a conclusion. You'll simply have to keep digging until you find the answers...

Meanwhile, in the Death archive.

>Look up Jeffrey Greer
(in the archives)
The boy isn't dead yet; the fear is that he might be by the time anyone finds him.

Miranda has some fantasy of bursting into a room where the boy is being held and attacking the kidnappers with her coat of many things!
Alas, if real life were like that.


Courthouse Basement


Birth Records

>Look up Jeffrey Greer
(in the archives)
Jeffrey Greer: born August 4, 1989.

Poor boy.


Courthouse Basement




Town Square

In the center of the square, rising from a circular lawn of unhealthy-looking grass and weeds, stands a strange, stone obelisk. It seems to be a monument of some sort, although you can see no plaque or marker anywhere near it.


Seyser Koza was talking about Lovecraft telegraphing the twist ending of his story WAY ahead of the ending, which honestly was sort of his character flaw. I think Anchorhead is doing the exact same thing here. I'll leave the sleuthing to you lot, but it's pretty clear what's happening by now, even tho we're, maybe, a third through the game.

Yeah. We're only 1/3 done.

So, where to next, Goons?
We have South of Verlac Manor.
We never really checked out The Mill nor across the way to The Lighthouse
Oh yeah! Anchorhead's only hospital, Danver's Asylum.

And, of course, if you have any suggestions other than that, put them in bold.


In Trenchcoat