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pkfan2004 posted:

Go to the Asylum.

"Hey so madness seems to run in the males in the family I just married into. What up with that?"

Looks like most votes are for Danver's.
But first...

PlaceholderPigeon posted:

I wonder if Daryl Beasley and Tara Luffington and Christopher Tillworth are in the birth records too - though there's probably not much there aside from the vague possibility of a birthdate pattern.

Maybe there's a birth record for them?


Birth Records

>look up Daryl
(in the archives)
You can find no records under that heading.

>look up Tara Luffington
(in the archives)
You can find no records under that heading.

>look up Christopher
(in the archives)
You can find no records under that heading.

I'll be honest. I was kind of disappointed the first time I tried this.
I'm not sure why the missing children have neither birth nor death certificates in Anchorhead.
Maybe the kidnapper works in the court house? Hmmm...

Courthouse Basement
Town Square
Dark Corner
Asylum Courtyard


Waiting Room
Ugly, mint-green tiles and walls of whitewashed cinderblock comprise the decor of this inhospitable waiting room. A hard little sofa upholstered in avocado vinyl and a feebly struggling potted palm are provided for the comfort of visitors, although you get the feeling that few inmates of this institution are fortunate enough to have visitors. A metal gate bars entrance to a southern passageway, which you assume leads to the inmates' section. The exit lies north.

An orderly sits by the gate, leisurely perusing a pornographic magazine.

A large key dangles from the orderly's belt.

Aw yeah. The Orderly.
Possibly the most charming character in any game.

>look at tiles
The tiles are pale, bland, non-color green, specifically designed to be as soothing as possible. Just looking at them makes you want to smash your head against the wall.

"... ooh, yeah," whispers the orderly, ogling his magazine.

Please don't do that, Orderly.

>look at sofa
It is the apotheosis of utilitarian decor, little more than a horizontal slab with some vertical slabs around the sides to keep people from falling off. And it is avocado.

>look at plant
The consumptive-looking plant probably hasn't been watered in over a month, yet somehow it clings tenaciously to life and a certain dull, scraggly greenness.

Le sigh.
Alright, let's meet this guy.

>look at orderly
The pockmarked and overweight orderly is absorbed in his magazine, which is just as well, since it's kept him from turning his leering attentions to you. He occasionally pauses to tweak a swollen blackhead on the back of his neck, or to mutter some crass observation about one of the women in his magazine.

There's a name tag pinned to his expansive chest.

>look at name tag
It reads: "CHUCK".

>look at key
(the cell key)
Presumably, it opens the barred gates, providing access into (or out of) the asylum.

>look at magazine
"Juggs". How charming.

What we can't see is the article Chuck is reading about ancient Grecian pottery and it's effects on history trade.
"Ooo Baby. Look at that old world craftsmanship."

>ask orderly about Edward
The orderly squints at you. "Who? -- Oh, wait! You mean the guy, ventilated his whole goddamn family early this year. Yeah, I remember him. What a nutball. We put him in a rubber room, he lasted two weeks. Bashed his fuckin' brains in on the little observation window. Reinforced glass, took him right out." The orderly scratches his head. "Christ, I gotta get around to cleaning that mess up one of these days." Then with a heavy sigh, he returns to his magazine.

>ask orderly about Verlac
(the Verlac family)
"I don't give a shit who you're related to," the orderly says wearily. "You'll have to visit them somewhere else, because they ain't here."

The orderly scratches himself absently.

>ask Orderly about children
You can't think of anything to say about that for the moment.

I can think of a lot of things!
Like, has any of the inmates been gloating about their collection of prepubescent skulls?

>Ask orderly about asylum
"Listen, I just work here, lady."

Maybe he'll talk about modern plastic jugs and their use for distilled water?

>ask orderly about magazine
He fixes you with a disgusting leer. "Great stuff, ain't it? Fuckin-ay. You should see the nutballs when they get a hold of this shit. Man, they can't get enough!" The orderly guffaws for a moment or two, then finally catches your withering stare and, embarrassed, throws himself into the magazine with renewed abandon.

Good. It's important to teach people about the importance of liquid carrying running jokes.


Well, I've run out of things to talk to Chuck about.
You got ideas? Put them in Bold.


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